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Calling President Clinton

The last three mornings I have woke and viewed the further escolation of the crisis gripping the Middle East. Each side has dug in and is prepared to take the next step that may lead to an all out war in this modern day powderkeg. War in the Middle East would put United States soldiers in Iraq in the middle of a crisis which has no clear cut end. This situation is so dangerous that we may be witnessing the dawning of World War III.

Throughout the week, I have watched as the Bush Administration, and its incompetent Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, fumbled the ball on dealing with the situation. The administration appears to be at a loss for plans on how to end this crisis peacefully. It is because of the administration's lack of a foreign policy strategy that I write this blog in hope that someone influential will read it and give my suggestion to the President.

God and Politics Ohio Style

It was bound to happen, God being mixed into the gubenatorial race in the Buckeye state of Ohio. In a speech this week, Republican nominee J. Kenneth Blackwell, made comments regarding the Democratic Party and religion. In the speech, Blackwell stated, ``Democrats still believe that government is God, and God is not.'' This language is unacceptable and I hope that the people of Ohio reject such talk at the ballot box in November.

Before I was involved in politics, I was a churchgoer. My Catholic faith was instilled to me by my family and I rarely use it for political purposes. I am tired of the Republican Party using religion as a vote mechanism and painting Democrats as a Godless group of people.

A Senate Quid Pro Quo

Much debate has been focused this week on the state of immigration in the United States. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives spent much of the week hammering out the finer points of this pressing issue, going as far to introduce English as a national language to the mix.

I have an idea for Democrats. Vote for the English as a national language amendment in exchange for Republican support for Same Day Voting Registration across the entire United States. Democrats have some muscle to earn support for sweeping changes to our electoral process in this debate.

A 21st Century New Deal Idea

When becoming President in 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt understood the importance of re-building America's infrastructure so that economic growth would be made possible. The programs made sense, people needed work, and America needed new buildings, bridges, etc. This overhaul of America's infrastructure paved the way for the economic expansion America saw after World War II and allowed the United States to become the leader of the industiralized world.

In 1933, a major infrastrucure improvement was to deliver electric power to rural areas of our country. President Roosevelt made this goal a major part of his New Deal package of reforms and created the Rural Electric Authority. This agency was responsible for bringing electric power to farms and small cities across America, allowing these areas to grow economically as well.

A Different Angle on year-Round Schools: Education Benefits

Fast growing school districts in North Carolina are faced with the obstacle of over flowing classrooms and not enough space to teach our children. Drive by any school in the Triangle and you sill see mobile units being used as classrooms on a daily basis. The growth issue has caused many to propose year-round schooling. Besides the money issues being made, there are numerous educational benefits for year-round schools.

The world in which we live is changing at such a rapid pace that today’s technological innovations could become tomorrow’s antique collection. In order to prepare our nation’s students for the fast paced economy, it is essential that schools begin to embrace a calendar that goes beyond the traditional requirement of 180 days of instruction.

Thoughts on Immigration

Last evening, President Bush addressed the nation on the ever popular immigration issue. It is no secret that Latino immigrants are growing in numbers each day. All one has to do is open their eyes and they will see Latinos doing jobs in most every sector of our economy.

I am torn over the immigration issue. I feel the pain of the immigrants trying to earn a better life in the United States. I often think of my Scicillian relatives who migrated to the United States at the turn of the century. The hatred on talk-radio and the conversations in right-wing circles directed at Latinos is heart-breaking for me because it reminds of what my family members went through while trying to assimilate into the American melting pot.

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