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Kissell Named to Armed Services Committee

Did you receive his new flyer today? I was reading along and enjoying it for the most part until I got to the paragraph....Kissell Builds Bi-Partisan Support to Improve, Maintain Military Housing. Being from a military community I liked that until I read, "With reports of substandard barracks at Fort Bragg, Congressman Kissell reached across the aisle to craft a bill with Republican Rep.
Virginia Foxx (NC-5) that addresses the problem." I have been quiet after his wrong-headed votes, but when he reached across the aisle, is she the only one he could find? Does anybody else feel like a fool. I feel like I'm one of the biggest and I'm admitting it.

In Memory of Major James Michael Ahearn

I just lost a good friend. We only knew each other for three years, but we became friends when he needed a real estate agent. He called me from Iraq where he was serving his second tour. He was disappointed with the agent he had, so he wanted to hire me. Well, the house sold in two weeks, so he thought I was the best agent that ever lived. We all know that wasn't true. It was just the timing. We get the credit and the blame. Most of the time neither one is deserved.

Jury Duty: Civic Responsibility or Moral Obligation?

This all started when I receive a summons for jury duty a few weeks before I am to report. On the back it says to be sure to call after 6:00 on the evening before I am to report just in case they don’t need me. I called right at 6:00 and the message is that all jurors are to report the next day. Well, that could be wrong, so I called again in an hour and got the same message. Of course, I have to try one more time just to be sure. I’m not sure what this says about me. Almost everybody that has been summoned to jury duty assured me that I would probably sit there all day and never get called. That’s okay with me, so I take a book.

Find out what happened on the flip...

Military Families

I just spoke with a customer/friend of mine. Her husband is an Army officer. She said that on New Year's Eve a group of them were sitting around talking and they all agreed that Bush was the worst president in the history of the United States. They don't say it in public, but they talk about it together. Also, this morning I received an e-mail from another customer/friend. He husband is a USMA (West Point) graduate. He wants to get out of the Army. You know he can't just quit. The powers that be have to allow him to get out. I can remember when I first met him and he was all Army all the time. Things have changed in the military. In public they respect the president, but in private they are asking, "What the hell is he doing?"


I'm "Forbidden" to read the comments again. I know I usually just lurk, but I like to lurk.

Beverly Perdue

just lost me. Today's N & O says Carolyn Grant is a host for a fundraiser for Perdue this week. You all know that history. She was just campaigning for the vermin a week ago.

Link to the N&O article: Under the Dome [updated by g]

Vermin's partner-Straight from the NC Bar website-Love it.

The law license of Nathaniel K. pendley , who practices in Forsyth County, was suspended for two years and the suspension was stayed for two years pursuant to a DHC order entered after trial on November 18, 2005. The commission found that pendley did not timely file responses to a State Bar letter of notice and notice of fee dispute petition and that he failed to promptly return a client's file. pendley must obtain an examination by an approved psychiatrist within three months and follow whatever treatment recommendations are made.

I'm SO Pissed

Don't tell my mother that I said that. Robin Hayes' new commercial is such at LIE. How could Larry have a record of being for raising taxes when he has never held office before? You see why I am about to pop my cork? Between Flip Floppin' Robin and The Vermin's venom...I think I need a glass of wine.


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