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I'm Not Worthy!

BlueNC won't let me go to "more" blogs. It says I'm not allowed to view them. I'm sorry. Am I being punished?

Fox News

I received an emergency call tonight to quickly turn on Fox News. We never watch that channel, but they had received a call from out of state. Can you believe that they actually bashed Vermin's latest ad on Fox News. This has to be a first. They even pointed out the fact that Brad Miller didn't vote against body armor for the soldiers. He didn't vote at all. He was on his way to Iraq.

Robert P.

I saw this on the internet last night under "Brad Miller News". Now about three different people have entered it there. I watched it one time and almost got sick. I don't need to watch it again. It is all over the net now. This has to be the most vile ad I have ever seen. I can't believe that cable would even air it.


that tell the story of 5 years of the Bush Administration's arrogance and incompetence. (I received this in the mail may have too)

1. $319 billion....earmarked for the Iraq war with no plan for success and no end in sight

2. $10 billion....value of no-bid contracts Halliburton received in Iraq

3. 1 in 5....the number of American children below the poverty increase of 12% since George Bush took office

4. $300 billion....the projected 2006 deficit under George Bush

5. $40 much the Bush Administration reneged on the No Child Left Behind Act

Elizabeth Dole

The News and Observers says that Elizabeth Dole is going to spend her break traveling and visiting western North Carolina. Isn't that what most tourists do...go to the North Carolina mountains in the summer? Maybe she should come down here to the sandhills where the temperature is 100 and the humidity is almost as high. We are North Carolina too. By the way, can somebody send her a map?


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