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Vernon and the FEC

Jay Ovittore has discovered some very interesting information about Vernon Robinson's campaign contributions. It seems that 10 contributors to Vernon's campaign gave more than the legal limit. Jay has filed a complaint with the FEC and if you visit his site you can see the letter the FEC sent in response.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Jay! My favorite line from his blog:

My whole point of this and my other attacks on Robinson for Congress is, why would you vote for someone who wants to go to Washington and make laws, yet in the campaign stage can not follow the existing laws themselves?

Warning: Don't Drink and Read

This morning, like every morning, I was browsing through the local blogs on and I came across an entry on

It seems that John Ross Hendrix, one of Vernon Robinson's opponents in the District 13 congressional primary, has declared that "he cannot support Robinson in the general election". Well that's no surprise, what kind of sane person would?

It was the next part, however, that made me spit my coffee all over my newly cleaned desk. (Warning: If you're drinking anything swallow it and put the cup down before you read on!)

The Mourning After

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On this beautiful morning, the day after the 2006 primary elections, District 13 and probably the whole state of NC, is in mourning. Vernon Robinson won his primary. We have six more months of his lies, inuendos, and irritating ads. Yuck!

My mom complained yesterday that I pay way too much attention to politics. I figured she was just doing her usual nagging until my husband and my sister agreed. Am I really?

Do you think you're into politics too much when:

A. You rush through your husband's birthday dinner so you can make it to vote in a primary election?

The Truth Ad Watch Watch

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I saw a clip the other day from Bill O'. discussing an ad from a republican campaign. This campaign ad completely distorts the record of the democratic incumbent. So what does Bill O' do? Why he claims it's all true.

Oh! You thought I was talking about Bill O'Reilly from Faux News? No, this one was from Bill O'Neil from WXII news, who was doing a piece called "The Truth Ad Watch". The ad in question is from Vernon Robinson who is running for the 13th district in NC. Jay Ovittore has a great write up about the distortions in the ad. But I thought I'd give Mr. Robinson and Mr. O'Neil a little taste of their own medicine and then see what Mr. O'Neil had to say about that.

(Updated) Meeting with Brad Miller

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I went to the meeting with Brad Miller in Greensboro tonight. Before leaving, I was very nervous. I don’t do very well in groups. Unlike online, I have a really hard time speaking my mind and I almost freeze when I talk to people I don’t know. The whole way there, I kept telling myself: “Don’t get nervous. Just say what you think.”

I was a little early, only one other person was there, but Brad and PJ (his campaign manager) soon arrived. We set up in the back and more people started coming in. I was glad to meet PJ in person finally and I swear it never ceases to amaze me that Brad Miller remembers my name. I grabbed a seat in the corner, as usual, so I could watch everyone and mostly because I wanted to watch how Brad interacted with everyone.

Miller Campaign Diary at DKos

Just wanted to let you know that PJ Puryear has posted a diary about Brad Miller's campaign over at DKos called "So much for civility". Hope you guys go check it out and recommend it. There is a lot of good links and information included.

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