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Brad Miller Campaign Kickoff, this Sunday! Join Us!

Things are heating up pretty early, aren't they?

All the more reason to Join Us in support of Brad Miller!

Campaign Kickoff Party
Sunday, June 25th
Irregardless Cafe
901 W. Morgan St, Raleigh

Sponsorships $250, $100 Tickets $25 per person

Please RSVP to brad@bradmiller.org or (919) 834-2343 by June 22.

Brad Miller was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1953. As a member of the North Carolina State Legislature, Brad wrote North Carolina’s safe gun storage law, which dramatically curbed juvenile gun deaths, and introduced legislation to expand North Carolina’s domestic violence law; to reduce air pollution from cars and trucks; and to limit the influence of political patronage in state government hiring. The Raleigh News & Observer called Brad “a work horse for public education and a conscientious voice for integrity in government” as a legislator.

New diary on Bush Co.'s ingoring facts that don't mesh with policy

This is a head's up to a new diary that Brad Miller has written over at DailyKos. It covers two studies that the administration has chosen to classify as "bad science," despite any serious peer review, that Brad suggests may be because the conclusions of the study didn't match up with the policy that Bush Co. is trying to push.

Bush Co. ignoring facts that don't match up to their game plan? No...

PJ Puryear
Brad Miller Congressional Campaign

P.S. One more thing, why is Brad's name missing from your Homeboys/Girls roster? It's not like he has blogged here or anything.

So much for civility

Last week President Bush asked that we all lower our voices in the immigration debate:

"When we discuss this debate, it must be done in a civil way. It must be done in a way that brings dignity to the process. It must be done in a way that does not pit people against each other."

While that is a great idea, out here in America it's a different story. Just take this radio ad for Vernon Robinson, for instance. Or even this TV spot, as highlighted by Reid Fan, CaptainAhab, and Keith Olbermann.

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