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NC-05: Republican Bobbleheads

This is a Watauga County Democrats YouTube exclusive, so Im expecting the good folks of BlueNC will spread it far and wide!

Virginia Foxx and the Republican Bobbleheads!

In Watauga COunty, we are working hard because not only are the Republicans incredibly smelly, but we have an unusually strong slate of candidates this year.

Local Democrats

NC-05: Watauga County: REPORTING FOR DUTY

Recently, StormBear and LumkpinCharm have been EVERYWHERE with diaries showing in great detail what a fantastic Democratic candidate ROGER SHARPE is for NC-05. There are signs that his race against Virginia Foxx,formerly thought of as "long shot," is now entirely competitive. We from the ground agree.

Likewise, these bloggers (and countless others) have worked hard to awaken the people of our great state and nation to the hideousness of NC-05 Republicans who long ago gave up on things like...democracy. And voting.

Republican State Senate candidate David Blust (handpicked by Madame Foxx):

Do you think its any coincidence that...the next day...students turned in 1000+ new voter registrations!?

Republicans vs. Students (2006 version)

Meet Virginia Foxx's hand-picked candidate for the State Senate - David Blust.

The following is at an open candidate forum from the campus of Appalachian State University. The question is...

I give you Republican David Blust...

Blust comes in and tells us 1) that we don't know jack shit, and 2) that we shouldnt be allowed to vote in local elections!!

ive run for office here, and I've taken issues to the county commission and town council and worked for local candidates (both democrat and republican) and i have canvassed the county and am a vice-chairman on the Watauga County Democratic Party. I live and work and pay taxes and rent and breathe air and love mountains in your district. For David Blust to tell me that I'm not allowed to vote (then ASK for my vote)is completely un-American.

Virginia Foxx is porkalicious!!!

(how fuckin annoying is THAT?)

Now imagine that she was your congresswoman, and you had to deal daily with her bullshit like this...
From the Charlotte Observer

Last year U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, a Republican from Watauga County, ranked among the top 10 of 435 House members in the number of taxpayer-funded constituent mailings.

In her district of 476,000 voters, she sent out 846,000 mailings. That cost taxpayers $167,000.

Remember...this is the "fiscal conservative" who voted...

1. FOR $250,000,000 a WEEK in Iraq
2. FOR for Bush's middle class killing tax cuts

Roger and Me

Who is that handsome devil?
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Why its Roger Sharpe of course! Along with the officer corps of the Appalachian State University College Democrats. Can you guess which one I am? (PS...why did you immediately guess the blogger looking one with the laptop strung from his back?)

Roger gave a fantastic speech about healthcare for all, ending the Iraq war, and higher education.

Virginia Foxx thinks that the federal government has no place in education (coincidentally, she attended (and was fired from) Appalachian State University - an NC public school).

The National Memorial for the Mountains

Larry Gibson welcomes you to Kayford Mountain.

For the people who may hear this...go for a walk in the woods. Be real quiet. And listen. The wilderness will talk to you. And I guarantee you, come to see me and I'll put you on a mountain site and let you go for a walk and NOTHING will talk to you.

Larry Gibson

Welcome to Larry's home in Kayford Mountain, in the heart of the central Appalachians. His ancestors settled here more than 230 years ago. Before there was ever a coal company.

Virginia Foxx is a Racist

2006: The Return of the Racist Republican
With Republicans having proved their complete incompetence at governing the United States and with no record left to run on but fear, the 2006 mid-term elections are already making this the year of the racist Republican. Several of Republican’s favored candidates nationwide, including Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Utah, Montana, and North Carolina are running openly racist campaigns.
Our own Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (NC-5) is the closest example of a conservative Republican relying on nothing but her unashamed racism in order to appeal to a conservative population.

100 Miles Behind Us!

(Cross-posted at the Appalachian Voices blog)
The national movement for a new Marsh Fork Elementary School is growing rapidly! Thanks BlueNCers! And thank you Lord for not putting coal in North Carolina! :)...

If we fail as parents, we have failed as Americans - Bo Webb

Grandfather Ed Wiley is no traditional environmentalist, child rights advocate, or political activist. His history and his heritage run deep into the coal encrusted veins of the Appalachian Mountains.

40 days for the Children (Day 3)

Hello BlueNC friends,
I wanted to let yall know about something that the App Voices blog is covering. Its one of the most important things that have happened in the mountains in a long time.

I did a DKos post on it here, and have posted the rest below...

(Crossposted at the Appalachian Voices' blog)

Things are swingin for Ed in the "serious backroadage" of West Virginia as he makes his trip from The WV capitol of Charleston to Washington DC.


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