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What Is Thom Tillis Running On

What is Thom Tillis running on?
So far this election season I have seen one ad by the Thom Tillis campaign and I keep wondering what it is that justifies his re-election for six years.
What I take from that ad is that he is going to bring home protective mask manufacturing from China. Really, really?

Northwest NC Covid-19 Report

I don't know if it is because of lower concentrations of people, better quarantine procedures, or just luck but the northwest counties of Wilkes, Caldwell, Watauga, Ashe, and Alleghany have reported only one Covid-19 deaths thus far.
There are as of this morning around 40 of the 100 counties that have no fatalities contributed to the virus which gives North Carolina a much better average than that of the nation.

Can we really afford this?

We march and demonstrate on different policies and outrages but why, why are we not over-running the state legislature over this transparent attempt to appease the stupid investments and reckless caretaking of Duke Energy. If a foreign country had done the damage to our state that Duke had done, we would be outraged but, now Duke wants us to pay for their sins and make sure they cannot be held liable in the future. OMG

Please look at what we are being made victim to and look at the site below.


I hope your mother never tried to teach you about fair play, justice, and honor because she is clearly not qualified to do so. Anyone who participated in what went on in Raleigh yesterday is a student of greed, immorality, and dishonestly and is no role model for children.

She and all the Republicans who participated in the coup should be ashamed and the state of NC and the citizens of Wilkes should look on those political hacks with disdain.

Where are we headed?

A number of years ago we lived in Rutherford County which was furnished water by Duke Power. This seemed to be a pretty expensive way of getting the thing that is vital to all life as our bill ran in excess of $50.00 each month.

Want To Know What Really Happened In Court About Obamacare and Enjoy It At The Same Time.

Here is the best interpretation and explanation of what happened in the DC and the Richmond Court of Appeals yesterday.

It is actually pretty entertaining.

Obamacare in NC dealt a huge blow.

Update: Overruled!

A three judge panel with two Republicans and one Democrat hearing the suit just ruled that those states that did not establish a state exchange, 36 in all including NC, are not eligible for premium subsidies for their health insurance. The vote was 2-1 with both Republicans voting to ban the subsidies, those judges were appointed by Bush I and Bush II.

This means that those people who are covered under the Affordable Care Act and are receiving a discounted premium rate will see those subsidies disappear in the future.

The decision will be appealed to the full DC Court of Appeals. Should it be upheld, it would probably take the election of a Democratic governor in 2016 and the approval of a state health exchange in North Carolina for those presently covered and those covered in the future to get their subsidies back.


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