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Republican Grandmother Tells All About Barack Obama

My good friend Ann Cowperthwaite passed along this Letter to the Editor that her mother just wrote with the simple commentary:
"I am pretty proud of my mother over this one...."

Read the letter from white, female, 87 year old, Republican, senior citizen, June Peacock:

NC Definitely in Play May 6

As I write the PA returns have passed 60% of districts and the spread in the Democratic Presidential Primary has settled down to Clinton 54% Obama 46%, an 8% margin (which was my own personal prediction) for Clinton who is now addressing supporters. So no surprises, except perhaps this strange image from the Pennsylvania Department of State Elections Information site earlier tonight:

Obama Raleigh HQ Registered 1,000 Voters Friday

Photoblog of Obama Raleigh HQ on Friday April 11, 2008. The office was a hive of activity Friday with waves of volunteers assembling early and mid-day to prepare and fan out for voter registration while a steady stream of individuals came to register at the office. Staff estimated that Friday alone resulted in over a 1,000 Raleigh voter registrations assisted by the Obama campaign.

Big Names Small Towns

Earlier today the Clinton NC Campaign held a conference call. Former NC Secretary of Cultural Resources Betty Ray McCain, former State Senator Allen Wellons, and North Carolina State Director Ace Smith participated in discussing Barack Obama's "small town". Later an "open letter" was released and is reproduced in its entirety:

Michelle Obama at NCSU April 8

Michelle Obama spoke for over an hour to a crowd of 5,700 at NCSU's Reynolds Coliseum on Tuesday night. There's been plenty of local media coverage of the event including a full length video of the speech at WRAL's website. Also a healthy portion of new media coverage for those seeking it out. Here's an eyewitness account in video and pictures. Let me know if you recognize anyone.


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