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Open Thread: Dancing On Our Graves

Need a break from debates and primaries?

I stumbled on this on a random cable show with indy videos and was mesmerized. The music is infectious. I bet it's how the right-wing imagines a BlueNC get together. They might be right.

What are you listening to? Or watching? The Kite Runner movie is out.

Blackwater Lobbying Uptick

Since the Congressional hearing in the Fall, Blackwater has been busy re-tooling its political machinery. Blackwater had previously retained the services of C&M Capitolink since June 2006. On Dec 4, 2007 a Lobbying Registration form was filed for Richard Cockrum of Capitol Assets, LLC, Indianapolis, IN. Cockrum is a former Chair of the Indiana Natural Resources Commission and a state lobbyist. On Dec 5, 2007 a Lobbying Registration form was filed for Gregory Hahn of Tabbert Hahn Earnest & Weddle, LLP, Indianapolis, IN. On January 8, 2008, just two days ago, a Federal Lobbying Registration form was filed for lobbyists at Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, Winston-Salem, NC.

Moved for the day to the top of the frontpage by Anglico. Make sure you read the comments, please.

Local Hero

If you don't get the print edition of the Raleigh News & Observer you might not have noticed that Graig Meyer was listed as one of Eight to watch for 2008.

Area residents make their mark as advocates of many causes


Graig Meyer will be doubling efforts to protect and expand educational opportunities for all children in 2008


Get ready for tomorrow if you haven't already voted.

Review your own voter registration status and the location of your polling site. To search for your registration, enter your last name ("Exactly Like") and first initial or first few letters of First name (change "Exactly Like" to "Begins With" button).

Preview your Polling Place | Find your county Board of Elections


Astroturf Update

At the rate of spending revealed so far it appears that the NC Association of Realtors (NCAR) and the NC Home Builders Association have committed to spend at least $400,000 each in fake grassroots efforts to defeat the transfer tax in the 16 counties holding a referendum on the issue. Contributions from affiliated realtor groups could bring the total projected state budget close to $1,000,000 for local astroturf committees alone. This in addition to state level lobbying expenditures by NCAR of $938,787

Here's an update from Johnston ($74,386) and Harnett ($45,425) counties via Stop The NC Home Ticks:

Bonus Round

Some people may wonder about my apparent obsession with NC Realtors. It's really very simple. Political corruption is rooted in the large amounts of money injected into the political process. NC Realtors have injected the largest amounts of money. They've also targeted an issue I care about, sustainable growth and, the local government funding options required to provide for it. Roll a few pet peeves into one and you have Stop The NC Home Ticks.

The North Carolina real estate industry has a little secret that may get a little sunshine, or not. The Bonus Round

Running On Empty

When your gas tank hits empty it usually means you have about 8% of your tank capacity left, enough to get you to a gas station allowing for a few diversions. If you kept your tank at "empty" all the time you couldn't get very far without totally running out of fuel and couldn't take care of much business. It would be imprudent. Even cash strapped drivers put an extra $5 or $10 worth of gas in the tank to make sure there's a cushion to get to work, take care of the kids and,run errands.

The John Locke Foundation wants North Carolina counties to run on empty.


A View From Afar

A week ago I was in London, wrapping up a week long trip to Ireland and the UK. One highlight was taking a drive in the Wicklow Mountains just south of Dublin. I was struck by the relative absence of news about Iraq (or Iran). Apart from the proposed drawdown of British troops from 5,500 to 2,500 by Spring and a reluctant agreement to provide more compensation to wounded British military there was little if any news in the UK about events in Iraq or the debates raging in the US. In Ireland there was some news about attempts by the US government to pressure the Irish government into denying visas for two men scheduled to attend an anti-war conference


Obama Coming to NC

Barack Obama is coming to North Carolina, November 1st, for two events. The first is a "Coundown To Change" event at NC Central University's Leroy T Walker Complex in Durham.

The second event is described as a "more intimate reception" (ie "high dollar") later at a private home in Raleigh


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