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Fred Smith: For Whom Tabor Trolls

source: Inner Banks Eagle

In recent days Nathan Tabor of The Conservative Voice has been spamming North Carolina blogs on behalf of Fred Smith State Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate. Tabor and Smith became enamored of each other last fall as Tabor describes in an effusive description that also belabors his own self-importance as a “blogger”. I caught up with this troll when he posted the entire text of a letter by Fred Smith “Time For Leadership on NC Budget” at exileonjonesstreet as a comment to an unrelated post with the plaintive cry:

Isn’t anyone in the NC blogosphere going to cover this subect? Am I the only one in NC to receive this in my e-mail?

No Nate. You are the only one sending this in your email.


Don't Forget this Holiday: the Birthday of Robert E. Lee

This is how the John Locke Foundation has acknowledged today's holiday in a post on their blog Friday. No other reference to today's Martin Luther King Jr holiday appears at the John Locke Foundation or Carolina Journal websites.

I think they owe an apology to Larry The Cable Guy with the Git-R-Done reference even if they won't apologize to the African-American community. Perhaps they think it's ok because the insult is bi-partisan.

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Will Black Plead?

The rumor mill has been operational all through the holidays and the latest ripples in the mill pond concern a possible plea bargain by Jim Black with federal prosecutors. Rumor has it that Jim Black is considering pleading to five felony counts and a two year sentence to avoid indictment on up to 50 felony counts with a protracted and expensive legal battle sure to produce damaging, even if not conclusive, evidence.

Whether a plea bargain is imminent or a federal indictment is to follow it seems apparent that a successor to Black in House District 100 will need to be found. Though the House does not formally convene until January 24th at 12 noon, terms began today January 1st. While the race for Speaker of the House is shaping up this is a great opportunity to search for a progressive candidate who could represent the dynamic demographics and vibrant economy of Charlotte-Mecklenburg and surrounding counties and municipalities should Black choose or, be forced to resign.

Presidential Christmas Card Poll

Polls for the 2008 Presidential race, which hasn't even started yet, have been all over the board. At this point in the game success in such polls has a lot to do with name recognition which is not a very scientific indicator of which yet-to-be-announced candidates might actually have the right stuff to be the President of the United States. It has not been possible to compare their positions on Presidential issues or activities on an apples-to-apples basis. That is until now. One of the tasks of any President is the issuance of Christmas cards. Today, for the first time it is possible to vote on three likely Democratic Presidential candidates on the basis of performance in a Presidential activity in a poll that is at least as scientific as any poll today. So I present to you, below the fold, three images, one each from the Christmas greetings of John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and, Barack Obama and ask you to vote for you favorite.

NY Times Blows DeLay Blog Story

The NY Times today published an article by Philip Shenon called The Hammer Strikes a Comeback Blow about Tom DeLay's new blog but completely omitted the fact that when the blog started up a 11 days ago it was quickly bombarded with unflattering unmoderated comments and just as quickly taken down to be restarted in a moderated format with the offending comments removed. Tom DeLay blew it and the NY Times blew it by not reporting on his false start in this fluff piece about DeLay that displays very little knowledge about blogging.

Not to worry. Enterprising blogger James J. Risser saved the original for posterity (or posteriority) at

Oral Arguments FCC v FU

Washington Wire brings this to my attention about this morning's challenge to FCC indecency rules, broadcast live on C-SPAN cable and radio. C-SPAN’s Potty-Mouth Broadcast. Many profanities were used during the hearing. At issue is the fact that the FCC fines radio stations for such profanities that are regularly used on cable TV with impunity. Even the Judge brought up the issue of whether the FCC would fine radio stations for broadcasting the hearing.


How often does noted Supreme Court specialist Carter Phillips get to drop the f-bomb (and worse) in open court? C-SPAN talked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York into allowing cameras in the court so the hearing could be broadcast live.

How to con friends and influence people

The John Locke Foundation and Freedomworks are orchestrating an imminent media flurry of Bill Graham friendly anti-tax snow-jobs over a non-issue by claiming that an "option" to tax will result in a $1 billion tax hike. They are hoping to get a lot of mileage from a 4-page "report", replete with "ifs", "mights", "coulds" and "woulds"..

Dick Armey himself sent this FreedomWorks alert out Monday Dec 11th:

My fellow freedom-loving friends, I have an urgent message for you. Legislators in Raleigh are planning a new $1 billion tax hike for North Carolina. As our friends at the John Locke Foundation have pointed out in a new study, “Their scheme would take one cent from the 2.5-cent local sales tax and give it to the state. In exchange, the state would give local governments the option to raise the sales tax rate by another cent.”

Merry Charismas

It's nice for people whose world is so well ordered that the significance of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ can be reduced to compiling lists of stores that are are naughty and those that are nice. If you don't say Merry Christmas expect a lump of coal from Raleigh's Called2Action and, the American Family Association: has now become politically incorrect for Jesus to be seen in public on His birthday.

Some Christians ask, "What's the big deal? Why make such a fuss?" We must all wake up to the fact that there are Americans today who, like King Herod, are troubled at even the mention of Jesus' name; and they are doing everything in their power to publicly eradicate His memory. If they can do that, they can have the Gospel condemned as so-called "hate speech".

This is a significant battle in a much larger war... let's all do our part by helping to Keep Christ in Christmas!

The 2006 Do's and Don'ts of Christmas:

We will be compiling a list of which stores do include Merry Christmas, and which stores don't.


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