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NC-13 Funny Money Not Funny

Vernon Robinson is apparently hemorrhaging money because, like a pyramid scheme, his fear-factor business model has to spend more to take in more. In pre-election reports he declared $274,932.99 cash on hand while Brad Miller reported $379,831.37 cash on hand.

Of 252 reportable transactions recorded by Robinson only 28 were from North Carolina and less than half of those from within District 13.

Of 210 reportable transactions recorded by Brad Miller 194 were from North Carolina and most of those from within District 13.
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Where in the World are Vernon's Donors: Beijing, Hawaii

The prize for the furthest traveled to this reunion goes to an octogenarian couple in Beijing, China who retired there from Illinois in 1988 and haven’t looked back since. As the husband writes in his website:

China living is easy, a slower-paced living. It's a lot like turning the clock back a number of years.

No kidding! Turning the clock back is what Vernon wants to do with a number of issues here in NC on the other side of the globe from Beijing, literally and figuratively. They have given money to Vernon before, giving them reunion status. Why would they want to give money to a Congressional race in NC? Well, clue number 1. is this quote, below the fold:

JimBlackMustGo is Going

Joe Sinsheimer is taking his ball and going home. Pay to play still rules at the State Legislature and few players have stepped up to lead the charge for ethical government, and least of all the leadership. Sinsheimer hand delivered a letter to Governor Mike Easley in which he asked the Governor to call for Jim Black's resignation as Speaker.

In addition he asked Easley to rescind Bill Culpepper's nomination to the State Utilities Commission in the light of Culpepper's acceptance of a Bellsouth PAC contribution after his nomination and he asked Easley to:      ...more below...

Hatemongers: STOP Bill Graham

Republican Bill Graham is running another STOP ad. Before it was STOP the Gas Tax. Now it is STOP Illegal Aliens. Ads have run on TV and can be seen on the related website A potential candidate for Governor in 2008 he is not actually running FOR anything but seems to be joining in the coordinated generation of background noise for turnout of Republicans on election day 2006. In Wake County Neal Hunt running for re-election to NC Senate District 13 with TV ads highlighting illegal immigration though his website doesn't list it as an issue. We've seen Vernon Robinson use this tactic of fearmongering to extreme. Now it seems that Republicans feel free to provoke fear of immigrants and press emotional buttons. Consider the following quote from Graham's ad and website:

Texans for Taylor? I <3 Heath !


What do they have in common? Bob Perry and a new Republican 527 called Americans for Honesty on Issues that has popped up to run negative ads against 9 Democratic House candidates.  Some of the negative ads have already run in Iowa and Colorado.

The Strategy Group received $14,136.66 from Americans for Honesty on Issues for making a "Heart in Tennessee" ad production, date of disbursement 10/05/06 and Pathfinder Marketing received $114,454.00 for the "Cable/Broadcast Media Buy" for date of disbursement 9/29/06. The candidate listed is "Joseph Heath Shuler"

In The Shadow of Lincoln

Lincoln Statue

In the middle of a multitude of activities, The Southern Dem found time to research and write an excellent series of articles about a usurper of democracy, one Theodore Lane Sampley of Kinston. Sampley, a political provocatuer, is the originator and maintainer of an eyesore in the nation's capital, an unkempt shack which sits in plain view of the Lincoln Memorial, mocking Lincoln and the nation's political heritage. The culmination of this writing was a three part article, links to which I have re-posted to recognize the excellent research and narrative which may have been missed by some readers the first time around in the whirlwind of daily posts.

PART 1 : Who is Ted Sampley and Why do I Care?

PART 2 : A Darker Shade of Ted

PART 3 : Disreputable, Despicable, Dishonorable

NC-13 Robinson fails NCLB test (No Contribution Left Behind)

Vernon Robinson's campaign has failed to respond to a Federal Elections Commission letter issued August 29th, with a response due date of September 29th, requesting additional information regarding Robinson's Amended July Quarterly Report to the FEC.

Robinson has been too busy running a dirty campaign against Democratic Congressman Brad Miller to fulfill his responsibilities to the Federal government. Robinson's MBA appears to be of little use in managing his accounts. Let's hope he never gets near a Federal Budget or the House seat for NC-13 because he has failed the test for "No Contribution Left Behind".

NC-13 Where in the World are Vernon's Donors? AK-01

Poor George Benesch. Thousands of miles away from NC-13, George lies awake at night in the midnight sun of Anchorage, Alaska, worring about a flotilla of tortilla wielding mariachi players paddling their Spanish Armada of inner tubes and 55 gallon drums from the Baja Peninsula to the Alaska Peninsula.
Anchorage photo from

10 Planks Democrats Can Run On And Win

10 Planks Democrats Can Run On And Win
A recent ad in The Nation magazine caught my attention with this bold statement. Avenging Angels is an advertising agency devoted exclusively to progressive causes. Obviously progressive capitalists, their message resonates with much of what is done here at BlueNC. Maybe not my personal top ten but I like their spunk.


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