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Where in the World are Vernon's Donors? On a List

Vernon Robinson has tried to make a big deal about his donor list. There's no secret to it. He just buys the names here at Omega List Company as indicated in FEC reports and confirmed by "data cards"

Some of the same donors probably appear on similar conservative lists from Robertson Mailing List Company as the donors have given multiple contributions to other organizations that use this company.

The "data cards" give information about target audience, recent users, cost and terms. I think Vernon has a fondness for the GOPUSA email list because of the relative low cost of email, the other organizations that use it and support him and, because his printing/mailing expenses don't yet seem high enough to account for a print/mail campaign outside NC-13, unless of course he is piggy-backing on other mailings. Omega probably wouldn't be too pleased that his is giving away their product.

Decker pleads guilty in Black Probe

Newsflash: Decker pleads guilty in Black Probe

Former Representative Michael Decker admitted in federal court today receiving $50,000 and a legislative job for his son in exchange for supporting Jim Black for a third term as House speaker in 2003.
The former Forsyth County lawmaker, who switched parties from Republican to Democrat, pleaded guilty to a single of charge of conspiracy to extort, commit mail fraud and launder money.

He is to be sentenced Nov. 1. He could get five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Public schools perform favorably with private schools

NPR story: Public vs. Private School Report Spurs Controversy

tag: Things Conservatives don't want you to know.

Public schools perform favorably with private schools when students' income and socio-economic status are taken into account, according to a new report from the U.S. Education Department. The findings counter a popularly held notion, that private schools outperform public schools.

But the report has generated controversy due to what some call its overly low-key release, on a Friday evening. That spurred critics to charge that the Bush administration, long a supporter of private alternatives to public schools, was playing politics by burying data it doesn't like.

Hogs, Pigs, Guns

An AP Story on the Technical Corrections bill in the NC State House has this little nugget:

There are some nontechnical changes. One provision would allow company police officers authorized by the state to make arrests to carry concealed weapons without receiving a permit. There is no opposition to the change, Hackney said.

This seemingly innocuous provision is a union-busting gift to the hog industry.

According to the NC Council of Churches the Smithfield Company Police have wide powers to arrest and intimidate workers. This provision would give them the ability to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

State Ethics Reform Press

A few press releases went out Monday July 17th dealing with State Legislature ethics issues.

One from the NC Coalition for Lobbying Reform calling for reforms to actually be enacted before the session winds down was signed by:
Former Governor Jim Hunt
Former Governor Jim Holshauser
UNC System President Emeritus William Friday
Former U.S. Congressman Bill Cobey
Former Speaker of the House Dan Blue
Former State Supreme Court Justice Robert Orr
Raleigh businessman Jim Goodmon

Where in the World are Vernon's Donors? Bob Barr

The Bob Barr Leadership Fund in Atlanta GA gave Vernon Robinson $1,000, May 1st, 2006. (Two years ago Bob Barr spoke at a fundraiser for Robinson.)

What can we say about Bob Barr? I'll leave details to Wikipedia but here are a few highlights of Vernon's "Donor of the Month":

Bob Barr supports marriage so much that he's been there three times, cheating on one wife to get there.
Bob Barr opposes abortion but that didn't stop him driving one wife to have one.

Ethically Challenged

More evidence that many state legislators don't get it when it comes to ethics reform. In a Charlotte Observer article Sunday by Jack Betts about ethics reform, Drew Saunders was quoted as worried that a bill "treats legislators like dirt".

Pryor Gibson gets it. He understands the problem and frames it in a way that clearly makes some legislators burn.

"The perception is that we are down here and we are for sale and lobbyists are buying us," the Anson County Democrat said Thursday during debate on an ethics reform bill. Gibson went on to say it's not true that lawmakers are for sale, but that's the public perception nonetheless.

But Drew Saunders still doesn't get it. Saunders gained notoriety earlier this year for his comment that:

"Even baby Jesus accepted gifts and I don't believe it corrupted him".

Drug Plan killing Pharmacies

According to The Charlotte Observer small pharmacies are in peril due to low, slow and in some cases no payment.

For 14 years, Randy Spainhour operated Penslow Pharmacy, the only drugstore in Holly Ridge, a one-stoplight town near Topsail Beach in Eastern North Carolina.

Last fall, he helped customers -- "They're my friends, not my customers"-- switch to Medicare prescription drug plans.

But for two months after the program began Jan. 1, he said, he wasn't reimbursed by insurance companies. When checks did arrive, he realized he was losing money. He closed his store in March.


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