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Myrick reads the paper

According to the News and Observer evil twin of the Charlotte Observer, it looks like Sue's been reading the paper lately to get the facts she need to put on the illusion of being a responsible representative. After the Charlotte Observer's good coverage of the ins-and-outs of immigrants in the workforce, Sue Myrick is introducing bills this week to prevent illegal use of Social Security numbers and crack down on North Carolina road builders who hire illegal immigrants.

High Noon in Chatham

It's hard to summarize this excellent story by Jennifer Strom at the Independent, wife of Bill Strom, who serves on the Chapel Hill Town Council. It's not the kind of thing you'd see in major North Carolina daily newspaper, which is why I don't subscribe to one anymore.

If you don't have time to read this now, come back and check it out later. It explores sleaze and bitterness in local politics, with a special emphasis on the environmental and quality-of-life impacts that occur when a community sells its soul to busienss interests.

Republicans to NC beaches: Screw you

Just when you thought Chuck and Virginia had done just about all the damage they could, the N&O reports this dirty deed:

WINSTON-SALEM - Four North Carolina members of Congress are co-sponsoring legislation to allow natural gas exploration off the state's coast. Reps. Virginia Foxx, Patrick McHenry, Sue Myrick and Charles Taylor, all Republicans, signed onto the bill seeking to lift the federal ban on offshore drilling.

Pray for Raleigh

The poor Raleigh City Council. They have a tough job and can't seem to get their work done without help from god. Which explains why they insist on prayers to open their council meetings - most of which invoke Jesus' name.

RALEIGH - City Council members refused Tuesday to strip Jesus, Buddha, Guru Nanak or any other religious figures from the prayers that open its meetings, bracing for a legal fight with the American Civil Liberties Union. An April 10 letter from the ACLU asked that Raleigh instruct all clergy to steer clear of specific religious references at council meetings.

Gotta love trolls

I love it when trolls come by and display their intellect for all to see. This one - a lunatic named McFly - is definitely worth showcasing.

Hah. I wish my views were so clearly defined that I had to copy and paste them off a website. How appropriate!

"Limitations on the power of government, wealth and religion"? I defy you to show me a 'liberal' who really wants to limit the power of government except as it relates to national security. Limit the power of wealth? Good luck with that. The Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburgers are firmly entrenched. You can dance around chanting, 'Hey, hey, ho, ho, rich white folks have got to go' until you cough up your larynx, but you'll never change the makeup of the global ruling elite. Limit the power of religion? You mean Christianity, right? Because 'liberlz' would rather hide in their closets than stand up to radical islam. Christianity is the only religion whose power needs to be limited. After all, anyone (any Christian that is) who believes in a moral absolute is really just trying to impose their views on you and erode your right to live by any set of standards you choose. Jihadists who plant bombs in restaurants, however, are freedom fighters trying to save us all from zionist oppression.

Coming clean, sort of

A friend told me recently that I would be waiting a long time if I waited for John Hood, stage manager at Art Pope's Puppetshow, to turn his gaze inward, to actually consider the tragic consequences of the neoconservative reign of terror on America. Indeed, I had promised that I would not link to any of the Puppetmaster's sites (this Art Pope) until I could find evidence of such introspection. Well, I can sometimes be an easy grader, so I hereby declare this morning's commentary sufficient to reestablish the practice of linking to JLF content.

Losin' it

I sit down and compose a thoughtful email letter to our dear Lieutenant Governor to find out where she stands on the minimum wage, then wait on pins and needles to get an equally thoughtful reply. And lo and behold, it arrives!

----- The following is an automated response
----- to your message generated on behalf of ltgovernor@ncmail.net

Thank you for E-mailing Lieutenant Governor Beverly Perdue's Office. Your message has been received.

Received: from scc150.its.state.nc.us ( by ms01.ncmail.net (
id 44499D9200016D23 for ltgovernor@ncmail.net; Mon, 24 Apr 2006 16:13:38 -0400

Dear Walter Jones.

I've been taking your email updates for awhile now - long enough to have an opinion about them in general. And that opinion is this: I sure hope you're not spending taxpayer money to send out this crap:

Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman is reminding consumers about the Department of Energy's (DOE) gasoline price reporting system. Consumers can report activity at local gasoline filling stations that they believe may constitute "gouging" or "price fixing" by visiting http://gaswatch.energy.gov/. Price gouging, price fixing, and other forms of collusion by suppliers or retailers may violate federal or state law, and may be subject to prosecution by federal or state enforcement authorities.

I am a Republican because . . .

Over at the Cabarrus County GOP website, they take pride in reminding themselves why they are Republicans. Call me a wacko, but when I read their principles and try to align their governing practices, I have to conclude that they're all flat-out crazy.


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