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Spend spend spend spend

I love it when wingers are always against more gummint spending, except when said spending would bring home some bacon to prove they're not just sitting on their butts in DC all week. So it's not surprising that the possibility of a new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility has garnered the attention of born-again Tax and Spend Republicans like Dick Burr and Liddy Dole.

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The Man Behind the Curtain

When you're a Puppetmaster, it's good to be rich . . . as reported today by the News and Observer's Rob Christensen, who has a ring side seat at the Puppetshow.

An independent committee, financed by Raleigh retail executive Art Pope's company, has sent mailings into the districts of five House Republicans criticizing their record.

Make Zeb's day

As ya'll know by now, the right wing Puppetshow (aka, the John Locke Foundation) doesn't allow commentary on their statewide blogs. They do, however, have some local blogs that I visit from time to time to see what the Puppet munchkins are up to. It's occasionally enlightening, sometimes amusing, and mostly scary. For example, take this missive (please) from one Zeb Wright in Wilmington.

Baptist men

Having been raised a Southern Baptist, I have a love-hate relationship with all things religious. But when I see things like this, it does my heart good.

Thanks to voluteers, a new home is going up on Myrtle Street amid the destruction at Point Cadet.

The North Carolina Baptist Men are building the new house for Curtis Lopez and his family. Lopez is a Biloxi fireman who was chosen by the CBS Morning Show to receive a brand new house.

Bush Impeached!

April fools. There are so many things I could have joked about. Black resigning. Taylor telling the truthHayes apologizing for selling out. But I figured to go for the big one. Unfortunately, the joke's on us. But remember, it's now seven months till November. Seven months till subpoena power.

April Fool's Open Thread. Jump in.

Oh joy

This is a brilliant observation. Seriously. From Common Sense.

Newspapers all over the state this morning had above-the-fold pictures of jubilant local lottery winners. With scratch-off tickets going on sale yesterday for the first time in N.C. history, state-sponsored gambling was the topic of statewide conversation.

Where were the pictures of people losing the lottery? Given the odds, they should have been much easier to find than the winners. For those who believe that the media only reports the bad news, the lottery is a glaring exception. And that’s unfortunate, because there are only two real winners of a state lottery: the out-of-state mega-corporation that runs the games, and the precious few lucky stiffs who defy fortune and win big.

Everyone else loses. According to the Raleigh News & Observer, a player who wants to win ten dollars in the Tic Tac Toe scratch-off game would have to spend an average of $112 on the game to do so.

I guess losing isn't news.

Castration without malice

You think I'm kidding, right? I wish I were. This just in from news reports flying around the internets, courtesy of good ol' mountain boys right here in No' Cackalacky.

At least six men came to western North Carolina, some from as far away as South America, to have their genitals mutilated in what police described Friday as a sadomasochistic "dungeon." Three men have been charged with illegal castration in the case, Haywood County Sheriff Tom Alexander and District Attorney Michael Bonfoey said. The sheriff and prosecutor said the victims were willing participants in the procedures.


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