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Another Sorry Duke Story

I know you were expecting some more scintillating discussion about the Decline and Fall of Duke University, but tonight's news is about another Duke Disaster in the making . . . and it's equally disturbing. Tonight's news is about a rightwing wacko named Rusty Duke who intends to buy his way into power as the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. If you are a person who values integrity, competence and the common good, this particular piece of news should scare the hell out of you. But don't take my word for it, just read his own website:

Judge Rusty Duke is a conservative Republican.

NC Wingers Hold Pity Party

I'm surprised I didn't smell this one, because the convening of our state's most ardent conservatives was apparently quite the to-do this weekend. I guess the wind must have been in my favor when Virginia Foxx headlined the NCGOP Annual Whining Session in the Triangle. Rob Christensen wrote the story, a pretty good one for the News and Observer.

Across the South, there has been a rising GOP tide. But even though North Carolina votes Republican for president and the U.S. Senate, nearly a generation has elapsed since a Republican was elected governor -- Jim Martin in 1988. Full control of the legislature has eluded the GOP for a century. In no other Southern state have Democrats so dominated state politics.

"It is a travesty that North Carolina is controlled by the Democrats," said U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, a Republican from Banner Elk, at a breakfast Saturday at the N.C. Conservative Leadership Conference.

See Jane Kick Ass

I truly wish I were smart and talented enough to have written this. If you do nothing else today, please read the essay below. It is as complete and brilliant an indictment of the Republican right as anything I've ever seen. (Already posted as a comment elsewhere.)

World War III

Just on the off chance that you haven't been keeping up with the liberal media over the past few days, there are two things I'd like to draw to your attention. First is this scary story being leaked by Pentagon insiders about the Bush regime warming up for attacking Iran. Some say it's just rhetoric or contingency planning at this point, but I say rhetoric and contingency planning are just two steps on the path to another preemptive war. I almost wish it would happen, because it would truly be the end of the neocon era . . . but it would also be the start of horrorific world war.

WPTF: NOT in the public interest

RALEIGH -- BlueNC, the new website for progressive action in North Carolina, called today on WPTF-AM in Raleigh to cancel its contract with Rush Limbaugh for his continuing use of racial slurs to prop up his sagging reputation.

"I'm sure the station could care less about blacks," says Anglico, one of the website's regular writers. "It's hard to imagine they have any black listeners at all. But what kind of example are they setting when they allow programming that calls the woman who was raped by Duke lacrosse players a whore?"

According to Media Matters, a national non-profit that tracks media organization . . .

Puppet economics

When a bit player from the Art Pope Puppetshow starts spouting lessons in economic theory, it's always a good idea to bring your hip waders. You can be sure you'll hear a lot about the power of free markets and enough trickle down bullshit to float any right wing boat. Which is exactly what Jon Sanders at the John Locke Foundation does this morning. Sanders has been an adjunct at NCSU in economics (which most likely means he couldn't get a real faculty job) and now he's paid to shill for the Puppetmaster. Today's missive starts with the obligatory swipe at a dedicated public servant, John Edwards, who does more in one day to help people in North Carolina than Jon Sanders will do in a lifetime.

Jesus to Judas: You're the man

Theocrats all across North Carolina will be crying in their watery wine tonight. The startling new discovery of the 1700 year old Gospel of Judas - authenticated by some of the most prestigious Biblical scholars - reports that the other gospel writers got the story all wrong.

The Gospel of Judas portrays Judas Iscariot not as a betrayer of Jesus, but as his most favored disciple and willing collaborator.

I wonder what the Bible-as-a-school-textbook crowd over in Greensboro will say now that another pillar of the good book has been toppled. Actually, I don't wonder at all. They'll say the Bible that they know and love . . . the one personally approved by their personal God . . . is the only real Bible, and that all those other stories written at the same time as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are nothing but the work of the devil.

The Forest and the Teas

The boys over that the John Locke Foundation are in a swivet this morning about the fact that two North Carolina wingnuts fought hard to pull in some pork barrel money for the Sparta Teapot Museum. It's a recycled story from last year, but it does warrant thinking through.


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