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An anonymous person in my neighborhood has been leaving books in my mailbox. The second one arrived today. It is called "The Final Days" by Barbara Olson. This one promises to reveal:

How the Clintons and the Rodhams enriched themselves with "Pardons for Sale." The scandalous story of Marc Rich - his connection to Castro's Cuba, Libya's Gaddafi, and Bill Clinton. How Hillary shamelessly solicited gifts, a shakedown artists in a pink dress. The other Travelgate: how Clinton's globtrotting cost taxpayers half a billion dollars.

I suppose my anonymous neighbor thinks I'll read this piece of crap book and come to the startling realization the the Clinton administration was a horrible blight on our nation's history. Think again, dear neighbor. And while you're at it, think about the $27.95 you paid for this hardback book being dumped in the recycling bin along with the first book you gave me. Because frankly, I don't spend one second of any day thinking about Bill Clinton. Nope, the person on my mind is Dear Leader, King George W. Bush, the continuing disaster that is our president. So please. Keep your trashy books out of my mailbox.

War on science continues

It's one thing to be anti-science when you're arguing about the age of the earth or whether evolution is real, but it's another thing altogether when your ideological zealotry kills innocent people and you lie about the consequences of your action.

Insistence by Republican Congressional leaders that American money to fight the spread of AIDS globally be used to emphasize abstinence and fidelity is undercutting comprehensive and widely accepted aid models, the Government Accountability Office said in a report released Tuesday.

Bleh blahs

Do you ever have those days when you can't decide whether to scream your bloody head off . . . or just go take a nap? That's where I've been for the past few days, and it's depressing as hell. You'd think the news of the Bugman going down would brighten my spirits, but it hasn't. If anything, Delay's demise has made things worse. The fact that such a sleazebag ever rose to prominence in US politics is a sobering reminder of how far we have to go as a nation.

Other news on the flip:

Cold feet

My mama and daddy gotta be turning over in their graves about this one. Some so-called scientist has done a big study of the Sea of Galilee and determined that the story of Jesus walking on water could be explained by the fact that he may have been walking on ice.

Dear Walter Jones.

Just when I was starting to think you weren't just another Republican nutcase, you send me an email like this.

Recently, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard wrote an article where he referred to several of my colleagues on the immigration caucus as "yahoos." Mr. Kristol later went on to describe himself on Fox News channel as soft on "illegal immigration." Sadly, this point of view is not an isolated opinion.

We can NEVER let this happen here.

When South Dakota's paternalistic governor signed that state's new abortion law this year, I wrote him a letter assuring him that South Dakota would never see a penny of my family's tourism spending. Today, Michael Round sent me a reply.

Here come da sludge

This little story about the impact of judges retiring in North Carolina scares the shit out of me. Especially this quote:

It's unclear when President Bush might name replacements for the two judges, which the US Senate would have to confirm. North Carolina Senators Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr could recommend nominees, though none have been publicly identified.

Dick Burr and Wighead Dole would have their ultimate revenge on civil society, no doubt recommending theocon nutjobs to further Bush's goal of creating Armageddon before his term expires.

My better half

is a serious rock star in the world of adolescents sexual health and media use. Her most recent study came out in the Journal of Pediatrics this week, and today she has been on CNN and Good Morning America, and been interviewed by scores of newspapers. The results of the study are spreading fast and furious in the MSM, and those of you with younger siblings or teen children won't be happy when you read all about it. This article from the Kansas City Star does a pretty good job telling the whole sad story.

Spend spend spend spend

I love it when wingers are always against more gummint spending, except when said spending would bring home some bacon to prove they're not just sitting on their butts in DC all week. So it's not surprising that the possibility of a new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility has garnered the attention of born-again Tax and Spend Republicans like Dick Burr and Liddy Dole.

There's more . . .

The Man Behind the Curtain

When you're a Puppetmaster, it's good to be rich . . . as reported today by the News and Observer's Rob Christensen, who has a ring side seat at the Puppetshow.

An independent committee, financed by Raleigh retail executive Art Pope's company, has sent mailings into the districts of five House Republicans criticizing their record.


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