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Greetings and Happy Monday to all!
Congratulations to the New York Giants for showing that nothing is inevitable. Note to Democrats, don't get cocky. I thought I would put this discussion thread out here, then I have to get the kids to school, so feel free to start-up without me. In the Sunday Open Thread yesterday morning I posted this question:

I'm thinking our community post this week could be on:

1. healthcare
2. education
3. community/military relations in NC
4. poverty
5. literacy
6. ?

Afterwards, I got to thinking that most of these topics are all related to one thing - a belief in the common good. So, what are you thoughts on the common good? How far do we go to help out others? What about morality in politics, should it even be there? Is the free-market moral?

Taking out the trash.

Things at BlueNC have taken a turn for the ugly. U-G-L-Y.

Edwards is out of the election, let's not have any more fights about the Presidential Primary until after we see what happens on Feb. 5th - okay?

The Governor's race. They are both insiders, I don't think either of them is "progressive". It's a dirty campaign. I'm sorry that I posted that video now, it made a good point for discussion, but it really brought down the mood of the site. That happens when you have a race with so much mud-slinging, everything is taken as an insult.

UPDATE: Moore's effective ad against Perdue (Thoughts about Chapel Hill Buses)

So much for Local. I just got an RSS update that Richard Moore had a new web commercial about transportation. I thought that sounded interesting. This is, very, very negative. Right down to the old film of Perdue with a questionable haircut. However, I don't think it is dirty. When people say that negative commercials win, I think this is what they are talking about. It points out a very bad decision and places it in the worst possible light.

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Coble votes against helping low and middle income America.

Mark Binker did the legwork, so I might as well just steal his blockquote. Follow the link for the whole thing.

Even though it was endorsed by a Republican president, along with Democratic and GOP leadership in the House, U.S. Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC) today voted against a $150 billion economic stimulus package calling it "deficit spending at its worst."

The busy schedule of third place.

Jamess wrote an interesting diary over at Daily Kos about the delegate race, which we all understand is the center of attention in the Democratic race. This figure shows how many delegates have been seated/chosen and how many have yet to be filled.

Now, what this tells us is that Edwards has a decent number of delegates, a good percentage, and that it has remained steady through every race. We'll have a better idea how things shake out after Feb. 5th, but the worst case scenario for Edwards appears to be that of King-maker. It's possible that there will be big swing to either Obama or Clinton, but more likely that it will remain tight and that 10-15% from Edwards will swing it one way or the other.

If you think Edwards is giving up, check this out...

Enjoy the cold weather while it lasts, nuclear power goes belly-up.

From the AP:

LAKE NORMAN, N.C. - Nuclear reactors across the Southeast could be forced to throttle back or temporarily shut down later this year because drought is drying up the rivers and lakes that supply power plants with the awesome amounts of cooling water they need to operate.

Utility officials say such shutdowns probably wouldn’t result in blackouts. But they could lead to shockingly higher electric bills for millions of Southerners, because the region’s utilities could be forced to buy expensive replacement power from other energy companies.

$1 Cigarette Tax in Wisconsin Leads to Record Number of Calls to "Quit-Line"

This is an interesting story about the success of a program in Wisconsin, where a $1 cigarette tax lead to more people trying to/actually quitting. But, before I get into that, I'd like to share my point of view on tobacco and taxes. I'm for taxes on tobacco as a way of diversifying the family farming industry in North Carolina. I'm also against growing tobacco because it is an immoral crop - a crop that leads to addiction, pain, agony, and finally death. It kills more people than drunk drivers, it kills more people than heroin, it kills more people than Osama bin Laden, it ruins more lives than gambling or fornication or adultery or taking the Lord's name in vain. It is immoral.

The only reason we allow its growth is to make rich, white men richer and because it is the only good, addictive drug that we grow here in the US. As Chris Rock says:

God forbid some brown people got wealthy... We can't have that! Because drugs come from brown countries. We can't have no wealthy brown people!
If drugs were legalized, there would be a drug spot in every corner. It wouldn't be a Starbucks. It'd be Weedbucks. McDonald's? McCokeald's. Krispy Kreme? Kracky Kreme.

Chris Rock is probably right, if rich, white men could grow poppy here or could take over a place where it was grown, say Afghanistan, and reap profits while killing off their customers. I'm sure they would.


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