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North Carolina one of 21 states set to run out of S-CHIP funds

From the New York Times, via the RWJF Health Insurance Coverage, we find that the Congressional Research Service has finished a study that says 21 states will run out of money to fund their Children's Health Insurance Program during the coming year if Congress continues spending at current levels.

The result?

States, unsure of federal money, are drafting contingency plans in case it runs short.

Officials in charge of the child health program in California said Tuesday that they were adopting rules to allow the state to create a waiting list and to remove some of the 1.1 million children already on the rolls.

“The stalemate in Washington is having a real impact on children here,” said Lesley S. Cummings, executive director of the agency that runs the child health program in California. “Given continued uncertainty, we will have to start dropping children from the program — 64,000 a month, starting in January — to save money. This is getting less and less hypothetical.”

Photo from the original NYTs article after the break, showing the 21 states who will run out of funds including our own North Carolina.

Politics of Status Quo, Edwards campaign releases Correction.


Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Today, as the Edwards campaign's "Politics of Parsing" video has been viewed over 228,000 times on YouTube, the campaign released an official correction which can be viewed at the following link: Of note, the “Politics of Parsing” video has been watched three times more than the “Politics of Pile On” video released by the Clinton campaign.

WNC: Don't miss out on a unique health care opportunity

Health Care for All NC has begun their "Reforming Health Care in North Carolina" series "Part One: Building Common Ground" with a community meeting in Greensboro. This series is hosted by Health Care for All North Carolina, NC Community Health Center Association, NC Nurses Association and NC Pediatric Society. From their announcement.

Health Care for All is coming. Polls show that the public is strongly in favor of systemic change. Currently, only the health insurance industry is well funded and focused on influencing the outcome. The rest of us need to identify our priorities and speak with a unified voice. The time to begin these efforts is now. The most effective time to affect change is between General Assembly Sessions.

The first meeting was a positive success, now it is the turn of you Western North Carolinians. Follow me after the break to hear a little bit about the first meeting and for information on the second meeting.

This is why Edwards is right, and the others are wrong on health care.

I regularly receive the RWJF News Digest: Health Insurance Coverage from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation . Today I was sad to see the following title heading up their coverage:

Health Care Industry Gives More to Democrats Despite Fears of Their Proposals

But, as I read through this article, there was a glimmer of hope. That glimmer? John Edwards. More after the break.

WHOM do you support for Lt. Governor, and why?

As I've written recently, I am having trouble getting excited by the Gubernatorial election, so I'm staying as neutral as possible. I expect to do the same thing with the Lt. Governor's race, however, it's possible I'll jump on someone's ship should the right pitch be made. So, this is your chance, not just to pitch to me, but to the entire BlueNC community.

Who do you support? Why? What difference do you see your favorite candidate making in the future of North Carolina as Lt. Governor?

The candidates below the fold.

NC(Sen): My thoughts of Neal vs. Hagan and why YOU should care.

I, as much as anyone, have come out blasting the DSCC, the Democratic candidates, and anyone else who went looking for a new candidate just because Jim Neal was gay. That said, Hagan might very well make a great candidate. I would suggest that no one discount her because of when she came into the race or how. Anyone, except me that is. Because, for me, this race is about the heart of the Democratic Party in North Carolina and it is a gut check moment for Democrats around the country. At stake is this.

  1. The DSCC fails to bring in any of its top-tier candidates (Mike Easley, Roy Cooper, Beverly Perdue, Richard Moore).
  2. Bloggers put on a press to Draft Brad Miller, who we feel would be a progressive dream, a netroots hero for all of us to cheer and back. He declines.
  3. The DSCC/NC powers-to-be/bloggers decide that state Rep. Grier Martin is our man, until he says no. In the process of his deliberations, state Sen. Kay Hagan backs out gracefully.
  4. We have no one, and then up to the plate steps Democratic fundraiser extraordinare Jim Neal. Bloggers rejoice, the mainstream Dems, not so much.
  5. We find out why, Jim is gay, proudly so.
  6. Hagan is suddenly back in the race following many harried phone calls from current Democratic candidates worried that Jim's being the nominee will hurt their changes at being elected, after all, he's gay{shhhhh}.

That is where we stand folks, we have two candidates, one who came of his own free will and one who has apparently been lured by the DSCC at the bequest of the local power brokers out of fear that he's not mainstream enough. That in itself is not reason enough to support Jim Neal, this is:


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