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"Do me a favor, lose my number."

businessFrom today's New York Times, we get further evidence that business is hedging their bets by giving more money to Democrats. This is in addition to news that K street is changing their hiring practices, and giving more to Democrats.

My take - Do me a favor, lose my number.

Fair weather friends are no friends at all.

Welcome to the War in Iran.

During a pre-meeting discussion last night I mentioned that the latest tin-foil hat theory is that Bush would attack Iran before Nov. 7th. The wise old man replied, "That sounds like fantasy. It'll never happen." Which, I will admit, sounds about right. But, not everyone think it is crazy.

Wait, the Republican is making more sense on taxes?

I was just looking through the Indy's candidate questionnaires and was shocked when I realized that the Republican seemed to have better ideas than the Democrat. At the very least, the Republican at least seems willing to discuss the ideas. Of course, I never believe a thing Republicans say.

Open Thread?

It has been one of those days, or weeks, or months, or something. This is just about how I feel right now, so I thought I'd put out an open thread for anyone else who feels like punching a wall.

Anyone else?

The Shoe No One Is Talking About

We hear a lot these days about Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, and even China. But, you know who we don't hear about? Russia. Remember them? Remember all those missiles? I understand they still have some.

Estimating the size, composition, and status of the total Russian nuclear stockpile has always been difficult due to the lack of official information. Based on the best available data, we estimate that the current stockpile of intact warheads is around 16,000. With just over one-third (about 5,800) considered active and operational, the balance occupies an indeterminate status. Some may be officially retired and awaiting disassembly; others may be in short- or long-term storage, similar to the U.S. categories of "responsive force" or "inactive reserve."

Tax Cuts - the vid

Last week, I posted a diary on DailyKos about why I didn't like the Jon Tester ad about taxes. The ad is here. In short I said this:

This ad takes for granted the Republican's number one talking point about the Democratic Party - that we are Tax & Spend Liberals. The ad, of course, says just the opposite. It says that the Democratic legislature and the Democratic Governor cut taxes, while the Republican Senator wants to raise taxes. But, in making that argument it accepts the following - that taxes are bad.

I really wanted to make an ad that would show why taxes are required for our way of life. But, you would be amazed how hard it is to find downloadable clips of Bush saying things like "Democrats want to raise your taxes." He says it alright, but I can't get the clips. So, this is what I put together. Enjoy or not.

"Our Military is Strong"

Yes, according to our fearless leader, the military is strong. So strong in fact that it is meeting all of its recruitment goals and retention goals. How?

That is a very good question, considering the lousy reputation the armed forces has sustained under Bush, how exactly are we recruiting people and keeping people in the military?

I was reading surveyors article, and wanted to get some more information on the local troop that was killed. I couldn't find it. Not a word. But, I did find this interesting story from the same day. It provides yet another example of the lengths our military will go to keep up appearances. I wouldn't be surprised to see this fella in downtown Baghdad for speaking out against Rumsfeld.

Picture by Arthur Steel

Kos gives love to...

Larry Kissell.

Larry Kissell (NC-08): I love this campaign because it's been done right -- despite having little money, Kissell and his team have built fervent local support, they've been innovative, have done things differently for effect. They didn't sit around whining about lack of party support -- they built their own. This may be the most people-powered race of this cycle. This was a later addition to the list as the campaign proved to naysayers that they were a legitimate and viable operation. It's now on the "emerging races" list.

Granted, no mention of the incredible work done by the BlueNCers that got his name out there, pounded the pavement canvassing, ring the phones off the hook, etc. But, I know that I speak for everyone when I say only one thing matters.


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