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A great ad out of Maryland.

I know this is totally OT, but I like to see ads that have a different twist. The Lamont ads are just totally unique...of course he is losing, soooooo.
But, this ad is typical beltline attack. What makes it different is that it takes the candidate's words and uses them back against him in with a unique twist. A popular technique for sure and one that we could stand to use here in NC.

A Guest Article on Healthcare from NC Defend Healthcare

Greetings all. The following is an opinion piece that was declined by the N&O. I asked for permission to publish it here and the two authors agreed. The short bio on the two authors:

Jonathan Kotch, MD, MPH, FAAP, Professor of Maternal and Child Health at UNC-CH’s School of Public Health, is president of the NC Committee to Defend Health Care, the state chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, and author of Maternal And Child Health: Programs, Problems, And Policy In Public Health, 2nd Edition
Frank Keary, MD, MPH, is chair of the Health Committee for The Ethical Culture Society of NC.
Affiliations for identification only.

The article titled "NC Needs New Health Commssion -- Now!" is below the fold.

Frappr Map Time Again

Because it has been awhile and because the site is just back up and kicking, it's Frappr Time! Click the map, add your alias, it only takes a second. If you see the swinging sunset, give it a minute.

Elizabeth Edwards - Proud to call her First Lady

There is a story out today in the N&O, and indeed another at the Daily Tarheel about Elizabeth Edwards. She did a number of book signings, a handful of interviews, and basically spent the whole day discussing her new book Saving Graces. I was lucky enough to hear her speak briefly yesterday and I have to tell you that once again it seems we have a couple with an uber-husband in the front (think Bill Clinton) and a wife who holds her own in any arena off to the side (Senator Edwards Part Two anyone?). I'll not pretend to have had any special moment with Mrs. Edwards, but I can now attest to what others have said - when you share the room with her you sense the kindness and generosity of spirit. I can say no more. In fact, when I first saw her I wasn't prepared to see her and ended up giving her a big smile from a distance because she was so overtly friendly. Then, I did a double-take and realized who it was walking towards me, shook hands briefly, and went back to what I was doing.

For more on the day's events, I'll excerpt the N&O and DTH below. Also, you can click on the book picture to order a copy at Amazon, or better yet, walk on down to your local bookseller.

Today's Editorial Cartoons

It's my belief, completely unbacked by scientific evidence, that many people enjoy politcal cartoons even if they don't read the front-page stories on local and state politics. I think that is why editorial cartoons can be an important indicator of what people are seeing and hearing. Not just the MSM.

So, below the fold I'm going to give you some of today's editorial cartoons from Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index.

Apex Open Thread

For those of us who get our news online, you might not have caught this yet.

APEX - Fire crews have not begun to fight a fire at a hazardous waste plant that has spread a cloud of dangerous chlorine gas across Apex this morning, forcing more than 15,000 people to evacuate.

Officials say they planned to send a hazardous materials crew in at daybreak to evaluate the fire. In the meantime, they've been letting it burn, out of concern that pouring water or foam on it would make things worse, said town manager Bruce Radford. The rain that started falling around 7 a.m. "doesn't make anything better," Radford said.

State officials have set up air monitors around the fire, but have so far not detecting "anything alarming," according to a statement from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The rain should help reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in the air, the statement said.

UPDATE: How's it playing in the South...

So, how is the Republican Immorality Scandal playing in the South? I bring you a series of cartoons from Mike Lester of the Rome News-Tribune in Georgia. Mr. Lester has received a few emails from me over the past year(s) for his right-leaning cartoons, like this one...

Below the fold I'll show you his take on this week's events.


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