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Orange County Schools - What a bunch of jerks.

Not front-paged again for the same reasons as before. Only, this time it is about something very local to Orange County. Here is a teaser.

So, OC has schools that are not up to snuff with the Chapel Hill/Carrboro school systems. They aren't bad, they just aren't as good as the town schools.

What to do? How to save some bucks so you don't have to raise those dreaded taxes?

HILLSBOROUGH -- The Orange County school board is considering ending an agreement it has with a preschool program for children with developmental disabilities to house it in an unused building on one of its campuses.

Folks, especially you Orange Countians, I wish I could tell you this was a misunderstanding, but it gets worse. Take a trip to find out how.

UPDATE: Hot Damn! Roll on Jerry Meek!

UPDATE: Jerry sort of makes the NYTs front-page story.

In Indiana, Baron Hill, a Democratic candidate for a House seat, asked the incumbent, Representative Mike Sodrel, a first-term Republican, to reject any financial contributions from the national party. In North Carolina, where Representative Robin Hayes, a Republican, is engaged in a tough campaign fight, the state Democratic Party issued a statement asking, “Who does Robin Hayes stand up for — Mark Foley and the Republican House leadership or under-age children?”

I know it isn't proper netiquette, but I am going to cut and paste Jerry Meek's entire article. It doesn't take any reading between the lines to see that Jerry is disgusted by the immorality of the Republican Party - especially given his own stint as a Congressional Page.

UPDATE: Thank you for the House.

YOU MUST GO SEE THIS LIST ON A DAILY KOS DIARY. Don't read it all, lord knows I won't, unless you have a strong stomach for Immorality.

For those who have been living in a cave, the Republicans have handed us the House and perhaps the entire government. If it is handled properly.

Because, the facts are that Republicans are immoral bastards, but it might take something like child molestation for the "value" voters to recognize it. Here are the leaders of the Republican Party:

Latest Senate Poll Numbers - Good news

I'm not frontpaging this for two reasons.

1. I'm blog-pimping.
2. It's not about NC races and I don't want to push that info down the page.

But, that said, if you are interested, click on the photo.

And, remember this, of the seats up for election in 2008, 21 are held by Republicans and 12 by Democrats; whereas, this year 17 are held by Democrats and only 15 are held by Republicans. We stand to win back the Senate in a BAD year.

Included among those 21 seats in 2008 are Ted Stevens (who may retire), Saxby Chambliss (I hope Max runs again), Susan Collins (retiring from Blue Maine), Norm Coleman (Go Al!), Liddy Dole (who will run?), Gordon Smith (in Blue Oregon), and Lamar Alexander (I just dislike him on principle).

Rice, complicit.

There is a great article today in the Associated Press about Woodward's book. It seems Condi has her $1000 Ferragamo shoes in a bunch. The problem is that Woodward's book claims that:

But though Tenet and Black warned Rice in the starkest terms of the prospects for attack, she brushed them off, Woodward reiterated Monday. He told NBC's ''Today'' show that Black told him the two men were so emphatic, it amounted to ''holding a gun to her head'' and doing everything except pulling the trigger.

Remember that smoking gun they kept warning us about? It seems we have found it. A few excerpts from the AP article after the break.

Thank You

This is my big old Thank You to everyone who supported the McCain Torture Bill.

An Open Letter to John McCain,

dogDear Senator McCain,
This morning on NPR I overheard your fellow Senator and Republican, Trent Lott, say that using dogs for torture was understandable and acceptable. It was not a big deal because as he said they were simply barking at the detainees and haven't we all had a dog bark at us when we delivered a paper or something else to a neighbor? Sure, there are reports of a few cases where people have died from heart failure after receiving this treatment, but that isn't the intent.

It was this insight from Senator Lott that lead me to understand your change in position on torture. After all, many of the things we are "squabbling" about are really nothing more than everyday occurances.

I would like to straighten this out for my fellow Democrats after the break - if they have a strong stomach.


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