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Sorry son, no pears for you.

Oh, the irony. Just this morning I was telling my son that berry season was over and now it was time to look forward to apples and pears. Yum. He was excited, I was excited. then, I get to work and what do I see on the NYT Frontpage?


Toni Scully, whose family owns a pear-packing company in Northern California, rejected tons of fruit that had been picked too late for markets.

UPDATED: A Brighter North Carolina

UPDATE: Thanks to Justin for catching some typos and just plain wrong facts. I will update all of it later today That should be the name of the initiative. This started as a comment over on A's Nuke Em post, but it got so long I thought I would extend it. The International Energy Association has come out and said that switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs would cut energy demands by about 10%. North Carolina can do this. We did away with regular gas and I remember a lot of people at home bitching, but who even thinks about it now?

Ban the sale of all other energy-inefficient lights and watch what would happen after the break...


I recently made a comment on this, but thought I would put it out there for others to discuss. There is, now, an underlying feeling that taxes are a negative. This is perhaps the greatest threat to American society today, not al Qaeda, not Osama bin Laden, but the right-wing philosophy that taxes are a burden on the American people.

BlueNC Bloggers Frappr Map

It's that time again folks. Go to the Frappr map and easily and quickly add yourself. This is more than a curiosity, someday I hope to use this to identify folks who are in key areas. If I'm interested in NC-10 Senate race, I'll know who to talk reach. I'm amazed that the upper Northeast quadrant has NO ONE. C'mon, let's find some kossacks or mydders who live in that area and get their take on North Carolina politics.

It really is as quick and as easy as can be. Plus, I have added the Congressional Race Offices.

There is hope for the Democratic party

I don't know whether this is happening in NC, and we are four years behind the RNC, but at least we're making strides.

Catalist, a private information firm founded by veteran Democratic strategist Harold Ickes, is providing the raw data. The firm has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to add demographic and commercial data to entries for each voter, often purchasing the information from information vendors.

In Michigan, EMILY's List asked Garin Hart Yang, a Democratic polling firm, to survey more than 12,000 Michigan voters with an in-depth battery of lifestyle and issue questions. From the massive poll, EMILY's List and Garin Hart Yang were able to profile distinct clusters of voters. These groups were then given names like Educated Postgraduate Democrats or Downscale Union Independents. Each cluster was scored for how likely it'd support Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, their affinity toward the Democratic Party and the likelihood they will vote.

Development in Orange County w/Photoshopping

Pardon the localish post - crossposted at CountryCrats

I see that at last night's council meeting there was a debate about a new development idea in Meadowmont.

Health Decisions does pharmaceutical trials and is located on Quadrangle Drive in Durham County. On about four acres along West Barbee Chapel Road in Meadowmont, the proposal calls for two floors of office space totaling 52,000 square feet, and a third floor with 11 residential units.

The question the council centered on was whether it would want the developer to build two officially "affordable" condos out of the 11 units, working with Orange Community Housing and Land Trust, or to accept a chunk of money from Rosenberg and his partners instead to go toward building affordable housing elsewhere. It's the same question that comes up with many projects in Chapel Hill.


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