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Starving the Beast

If you are against Universal Healthcare/Single Payer Healthcare, your biggest enemy is Medicare. Medicare is an excellent single-payer system that covers a huge number of people with lots of serious medical conditions for a reasonable price and with low low overhead (2% versus 30%). So, if you are a Republican in the White House and in the Legislative Branch, what do you do?

You starve the program into submission. You don't come right out and say you are going to kill off Medicare, because no one will support that. But, you start trimming benefits here, making more paperwork there, donut-holes for you, and then you slowly undercut the whole program by making it unattractive to doctors. That is the secret plan if you will of the Republican Congress. Undercut medicare so that less doctors accept it, talk about what a lousy plan it is, and suggest privatization.
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Afghanistan is British Vietnam...or Afghanistan.

I was recently surfing around blogspot, which I never do, and came across an incredible interview with a Labour MP concerning the Afghanistan War that I will be heavily excerpting here. The original interview can be found here and it ends up the blogger performed the interview himself.

A lesson in spin, courtesy of the traditional media.

As Jon Stewart would say "X-tree, X-tree, read all about it, Iraq takes control of the military in Iraq, X-tree, X-tree!"

Today, first on NPR and then in the New York Times I was greeted with this news.

Iraq Takes Military Reins From Coalition

Wow, I thought for about 1/10th of a second, then I realized, because I've been paying attention, that this must be an election-time scam. So, I dug, which most listeners and readers won't and which most right-wing organizations will not give their sheeple the opportunity to do.

The lesson in spin after the break.

Charles Taylor - UnAmerican Congressmen

The Hill presents a piece on Pork today. In it, they clearly show that the House Appropriations Committee is Un-American. It does not give out money based on performance, which is the great American way. It does not give out money based on need, the great Moral imperative behind most governing. No, it gives out money based on...politics.

Specifically, it rations out money to those Republican House members that are in the most danger of losing their seat. Not only is pork spending bad for our economy, it is bad for our morale, as much needed projects get trashed because legislators who have drawn the ire of their constituents want money to bribe cooperation or silence in November. This is Un-American, we are the home of the American dream, which is that hard work and determination will see you to success and allow the next generation to be better off. To those on the Appropriations committee, like Charles Taylor, pork spending is the equivalent of the graft needed to pass checkpoints in many Fascist countries. He quietly sticks out his hand and looks the other way as the dirty money is slipped into his greasy paw. How bad is it?

Baghdad vs. Lebanon

More than three years into the Iraqi occupation and we still don't have things under control in Iraq. The residents of Iraq hate us and with good reason, they still have limited electricity and water and "frills" like food and gas are hard to come by and can get you killed. Children are dying in the bombings every day, women are afraid for their lives, and men cannot find work to provide for their families.

So, how are things working out in another country that has been bombed "back to the stone ages" as Republicans like to say? Let's take a look at Lebanon after the break.


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