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The nerve of those damn hippies!!!

Why build a zoo when we can just put up a fence around Chapel Hill? -Senator Jesse Helms

To hear tell, there is no place in North Carolina that is farther from the family values agenda than Chapel Hill, unless it is Carrboro. Yes, Carrboro, home to those godless homosexuals and their ritualistic Sunday dancing. Dancing! On the Sabbath! It's hedonistic, it's immoral, it's totally unRepublican.

I've been meaning to do this for some time, but just finally took my camera out to the Weaver Street Jazz Brunch today. You've heard all the snide comments, but what you haven't seen, unless you are from here, is what the Jazz Brunch looks like. So, prepare yourself...

Fitz File on Why Businesses Should Quit Bitching

As reported everywhere, the census bureau showed that more people moved into poverty last year...again. That is just more Republican Immorality, moving working families into poverty while CEOs make millions more each year. But, Fitz hits upon the part of the report that I found most interesting, the number of people without health insurance increased and the percentage stayed constant.

but that that fewer people are being insured at work, with Medicaid and other government programs picking up the slack.

Fitz then goes on to make it clear WHY business needs to quit complaining about their taxes.

Frameshop: harsh words

There is a regular feature at DailyKos called the frameshop, based on the work of George Lakoff, that seeks good phraseology for fighting republican talking points. Well, I've got a suggestion.

For so long, it seems like every time we turn around we are backpeddling or fighting back against the latest Republican outrage. The latest Rumsfeld comments about Democrats being appeasers is the latest example. Once again, we are faced with the equivalent of "Are not!" or "No, you are!" type comebacks. If you remember back to your elementary playground days you will no that these comebacks are laughable and those that utter them are the biggest of weanies.

As such, my framing suggestions after the break.

Why I hate George Bush.

Why do I hate this man? No, it's not what you think. I don't hate him for any of the things he has done. I hate him for the things he won't do over the next three years that ONLY he could accomplish.

Flash Help

Okay, I feel like a total damn noob here, but I can't get Flash to work anymore. I can't see pictures on posts, but I can see ads. I can't see the imbedded movie pictures like the Lieberman ad and my computer won't even load a page like youtube.

I have tried updating, I've tried doing away with Flash and reinstalling. I'm about to uninstall firefox and redo the whole damn thing but I hate to lose all the info.

Anyone know what the issue is?

Our Competition

RedState has a new "blogroll" project, a really big deal over in their universe it seems. It has fancy-pants graphics and everything and it lists blogs:

Below are right of center bloggers that focus on the politics of a particular state or location within a state. Not all local bloggers have been listed here. We've only listed the ones we have reviewed and found to be regularly updated, focused on politics, and right of center.

Join the fun below the fold.

Screw Those Brain-Damaged Vets

That's right, to hell with those guys that served in Iraq and came home with a big ding in their head. As the lead to this story in the News & Observer makes clear /brain injuries are so common among U.S. troops that they're called the signature injury of the Iraq war/. Well, who's fault is that? Not the wealthy! So, why would you want to punish them for the mistakes these guys made in Iraq, by taking away their tax cuts. C'mon! Let's not make hasty decisions here that will hurt those most in need, the ultra-wealthy.

I think the Pentagon and Congress are on the right track when they decide to /cut military spending on researching and treatment/ of brain injuries. We must not sacrifice our tax cuts for good people like Bill Gates, Madonna, Pamela Anderson , and that guy who makes Girls Gone Wild videos just to help out a few screwballs from the Iraqi War.

More on the story after the break.


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