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Synergy and the Edwards Campaign

Synergy: The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Since his loss in the Presidential Primaries, John Edwards seems to have been making all the right steps towards 2008. Surely, a win in 2004 would have been great for his chances, in 2012, but the loss that many saw as a death knell appears instead to be just one of the acting agents in his 2008 synergy. – Robert P.’s scorecard

You will forgive me if someone else has already done this. I got the 100actions link from the Stanly county website (great idea). So, this is my running tally from

86 - Recruit Your Friends to Volunteer
Okay. They gave us a couple softballs, but now comes the hard push. It's time to go out and convince someone to volunteer. I've got just the guy in mind.

87 - Talk Politics
Had a long talk with my mom and another with my brother-in-law. Opened his eyes to blogs.

88 - Get a Yard Sign
Hmmmm....I spoke to someone at Rep. Price's office about this but still no word on the yard signs. I would love a Kissell sign, but I think those should stay over in his district. So, I wonder if the NCDP has any generic yard signs?

Killing Children, Killing Killers.

I hate to stir this bees nest, but something that MKleinschmidt said earlier has been on my mind. He said:

The biggest insult to liberty and the constitution apparent in Flippen's case (at least to me) is how the NC Supreme Court punted when they did their proportionality review. The Court is supposed to do an independent analysis of every death case that comes before them and determine whether the facts of the present case are so far afield from the rest of the death cases that the present case must be deemed to be disporportionate. In those cases, the Court imposes life. The problem with this analysis is they don't compare the present case with the literally 1000s of cases in NC of child murders that are not prosecuted capitally. They ignore the 99% of cases that are most similar to the present case and only look at the 1% of aberrant cases to determine proportionality. This is a legal CROCK! Every citizen should be embarrassed by this Court proportionality review.

This got me thinking.

Universal Healthcare and the Democratic Legislature

As a true-believer in the Democratic Party, I hate it when I am let down by the party. One of the things that I believe will make us a greater country is universal healthcare. When Americans are healthier they are better workers, better parents, and better citizens. Just as with education, healthcare is a right that all North Carolinians have inherent to their being – it is not a privilege bestowed upon those with the most money. Yet, in our society we too often kill off our poorer citizens by denying them healthcare. Make no mistake, the inability to have preventive care leads to lethal illnesses that could be stopped earlier in the disease progression. Look no farther than curable childhood diseases, which under a universal healthcare plan could be screened for in every newborn. Instead, many of our children suffer through their whole lives with physical and mental retardation all for the lack of a blood test at birth.

So, what have we as Democrats in North Carolina done for better healthcare? Well, not much. Certainly not as much as the Republican governor of Massachusetts. More below the fold.

Net Anonymity

For those of you who think we should keep anonymous comments because it preserves anonymity. Think again. Sure, maybe I can't go online and figure out who you are, but the people who own your computer, computer hookup, IP server, and search engine can. From today's NYT.

Buried in a list of 20 million Web search queries collected by AOL and recently released on the Internet is user No. 4417749. The number was assigned by the company to protect the searcher’s anonymity, but it was not much of a shield.

One of my Running Issues

If I ever run for office, there are a bucket of issues that I would push. They include universal healthcare, family farming initiative, better prison system, and better energy usage.

I can't even remember why I was just looking at solar energy, but I noticed that an idea I had some time ago is already a reality. Grid-intertie solar systems. More below the break.

Edwards cometh...

For all you doubting Thomases and other cutesy alias names - Edwards is coming.

From DailyKos comments:

JRE attended a fundraiser for Brad Miller in December 2005.
JRE will be doing an event with Heath Schuler in his district on August 22nd.


[new] I already received (5+ / 0-)

a reply from OAC and it's very positive. Keep the faith, I'm sure y'all will get your wish and JRE will campaign hard for state-wide and federal NC candidate like Larry, Heath and Brad, etc.


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