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Good Single-Payer Healthcare Piece from Sirota

I just received an email through the David Sirota network. It was a column from the Washington Examiner and it laid bare the lie that people don't support universal healthcare through a single-payer system (that is, government).

I know it isn't polite to cut and paste whole columns, but maybe this will help.

David Sirota is the author of the new book “Hostile Takeover,” a national best-seller (Crown 2006). He is the co-chair of the Progressive States Network.
The column beyond the break.

If you can't parallel park...

then maybe you shouldn't be driving. From today's N&O, this quality story.

RALEIGH - One downtown irritant will vanish Tuesday if Councilman Philip Isley can persuade his colleagues to cut some slack.

Isley wants to end parking tickets for drivers who stray too far from the curb -- 12 inches by the rules.

The final straw for Isley came this week after Park Raleigh, the city's on-street enforcer, issued a ticket to a disabled driver who stopped by the newly opened Fayetteville Street on a whim.

How a Progressive Sounds, My Take on John Edwards TODAY

There has been much ado here today about John Edwards. Mostly from folks that are not familiar with the site and don't understand the backstory. Much ado about nothing in my opinion. So, let me give you a link to the John Edwards speech at Gnomedex 6, which gives you an idea of what John Edwards will sound like in 2006, 2007, and 2008 - a Progressive.

My favorite quote after the break.

State Ethics Laws Open Thread

Greg has done an excellent job keeping everyone informed about the ethics/lobbying efforts. I felt that needed a new home. From the N&O:

All together, the new rules would:

* Eliminate many perks of privilege -- ACC tickets, expensive dinners and golf trips provided by lobbyists and their clients.

* Stop the practice of spending campaign money on cars, computers or cash to family members.

* Limit the influence of lobbyists on raising campaign money for lawmakers and top state officials.

* Impose new criminal penalties for those who break the rules: Lie about your financial interests on a public disclosure form and face a felony. Hide them and face a misdemeanor.

More right-wing hatred from right here in North Carolina...

I know that some folks here tend to visit Ogre's site and try to "discuss" issues. I've given up trying to talk sense with the idiot. His positions are without merit, his arguments without fact, but little did I know how immoral he was. From his blog today:

Ohio Gays Oppose Free Speech

Sorry, faggots, in this country, at least so far, we've got freedom of speech. If I Ken Blackwell or I want to tell you that what you're doing is against God's law, we have a right to do that and zero obligation to "shut up." In fact, in a free country, you telling me to "shut up" is much more offensive and dangerous than me telling you that you've made a bad choice.

Carolina North Executive Director Announced

While this is mostly a local issue, the decisions have implications for taxpayers throughout the state. I just read in the N&O that UNC CH has picked an Executive Director for the Carolina North development, his name is John P. Evans.

I don't know much about Mr. Evans, so i will pluck heavily from the N&O, or you can go read the whole story yourself.

Pharms in NC

In North Carolina we are doing great things to continue our growth as one of the leaders in biotech research. Those on the right would like to forget that without the RTP we would have the economy of South Carolina or Georgia. Without the RTP we would be dependent entirely on farms instead of pharms.
I plan on writing much more about farms (good things), but for now will focus on Pharms and biotech in NC.

Dear Candidate Kissell,

45. NORTH CAROLINA-08 (Hayes-R) Last Ranking: 47

Hayes is probably not as safe as some Republicans would like to assume

Way to go. More. More. More.


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