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Bill Killing = People Killing

From the News & Observer, a story that a bill to insure North Carolina's high-risk population has been killed in the Senate. The idea came from a N.C. Institute of Medicine task force, which included such varying interests as business owners, health insurnace executives, hospital admins, docs, consumer advocates, and lawmakers themselves.

The bill was so finely crafted by this task force of experts that it passed the House 95-10 just yesterday. But, it has been killed in the Senate.

What is a high-risk person?

Man Bites Car

From today's Chapel Hill Herald-Sun, a story of one man who is trying to make the world a more friendly place for transit. UNC Employee Ernie Patterson is the UNC Employee Forum Chairman and he is trying to get people out of their cars. Patterson chose the hot and muggy month of July to make his point, as he walks, bikes, and buses back and forth to campus.

I applaud his efforts, especially walking most days in the midst of the Carolina heat. But, I was taken aback at the end of the article when I read this:

Is Brad Miller in trouble and why are we not paying attention?

I was just looking at this post over at Swing State Project, and noticed that one of the challengers that is in the best position was none other than Vernon Robinson.

Robinson $466,768
Miller $540,736

Challenger has 86% of funds as Incumbent.

The post is very pro-Democratic, but this one race pops out.

This is the CQ Politics list (PDF) of top 50 Democratic challengers based on their money alone.

Should we be more worried abo

Immorality Comes Home to Roost

I saw this link on DailyKos and was just blown away. The story concerns a report published by the Woods Hole Research Center, which is one of the best environmental research facilities in the world. To truly understand the impact of the article, you have to know this:

Deep in the heart of the world's greatest rainforest, nine days' journey by boat from the sea, Otavio Luz Castello is anxiously watching the soft waters of the Amazon drain away. Every day they recede further, like water running slowly out of an unimaginably immense bath, threatening a global catastrophe.

He pointed out what was happening on Wednesday, standing on an island in a quiet channel of the giant river. Just a month ago, he explained, it had been entirely under water. Now it was jutting a full 15 feet above it.

It is a sign that severe drought is returning to the Amazon for a second successive year.

More after the jump.

Blogosphere Day at BlueNC

Okay folks. Today is Blogosphere Day. Over at DailyKos, kos outlines the history of Blogosphere Day.

In 2004, July 19 was the day Ginny Schrader became a blog household name. Unexpectedly thrust into a competitive race, Schrader raised $40K in 24 hours, thwarting DCCC attempts to find a more "credible" candidate.

In 2005, July 19 kicked off the serious fundraising for Paul Hackett, who turned a solid 63 percent Bush district into an epic battle and made it competitive not just for himself, but for his Democratic successor in the race this year.

So it's 2006, and Democrats are on the offensive around the country. My hope for today is that everyone drops at least $5 into some candidate's kitty, whether it's someone on the ActBlue Netroots page, someone else's ActBlue page, or your favorite candidate (national or local).

Virginia Foxx, Howard Coble, Sue Myrick, Patrick McHenry and Nebraska

I was just reading a story over at Kos about Nebraska and it really pissed me off. This from the story at Kos.

The Omaha World Herald is now reporting that Democrat Scott Kleeb, a rancher with a PhD from Yale on International Relations, has taken the lead in the COH race against his Republican opponent, State Sen. Adrian Smith in the open seat contest in NE-03. Taken the lead by a lot, actually. According to the article, Smith currently has a warchest of $105,000, while Kleeb has nearly three time as much in the bank: $277,000. And this is in the sixth most Republican district in the entire country.

Draft Easley?

I would do this as another forum, but instead just let me open up the floor for debate on this subject.

It's February 2007 and Mike Easley announces he is running for the U.S. Senate seat against Elizabeth Dole (who has also announced at this point).

What are your feelings?

Who is Dan Mansell?

I realize that any press is good press, so therefore, I should just completely ignore those who are running against our incumbents. But, I was passing through Barry Welsh's 50 state page and came across Dan Mansell, Republican candidate for the NC-02. I thought it would be fun to highlight his policies and where they differ from Progressive policies.


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