Even more questions about Debra Goldman

If anyone remains unconvinced that Debra Goldman is unfit for the office of State Auditor, even after today's cry for attention/help, previously unreleased statements by an independent court appointed observer should settle the matter.

Jerry Leonard, Referee in equitable distribution matters related to Goldman’s civil dispute with her future ex-husband wrote a report of a hearing 5/8/12.

“The hearing was conducted rather informally to say the least”. … “The proceeding was often void of substantial evidence of net values and classification of property.”

“Steve also produced a copy of Debra’s EDIA [Equitable Distribution Inventory Affidavit], which the Referee accepted as Debra’s position regarding value, although it was clear that her EDIA positions and values and classifications of the property were not undertaken with a great deal of care.”

Still not convinced that this person should not be State Auditor? Think the media has her wrong? Was Goldman's husband lying when he said in court filings?:

"Plaintiff has caused defendant substantial emotional distress by committing multiple acts of adultery and informing Defendant of the adultery and her intentions to further have promiscuous sexual activity with multiple partners."

Maybe he misheard, like the times he claims in court documents she called him an “asshole” and on July 16, 2011, in front of their minor child, a “fucking asshole”.

But, but, but, she was a first responder. Really? She sounds more like the first to call 911 than the first to respond. Cary Police have the records of multiple calls. She claims to have been a volunteer firefighter/EMT from 2000-2007. She moved to NC January 2006 and was not known to act in that capacity after that date. So let’s contract that range to 2000-2005.

Well, in August 2005 she sued Home Depot in PA for an injury in June 2003 that she claimed left her “prevented from performing and transacting her usual affairs and business”. The documents only mention one job and make no reference to her role as a volunteer firefighter/EMT. Basically she was returning tiles from another store when she couldn’t buy enough for a project. The box fell on her toe, causing injury.

"Plaintiff suffered severe personal injuries and experienced pain and mental anguish and will, in reasonable probability, continue to do so in the future by reason of the nature and severity of Plaintiff's injuries.”

“Plaintiff was due to start a new job one week after the accident in question. Plaintiff did start the job, but with tremendous difficulty giver her large cast and crutches.”

Her public resume doesn't show any job starting in 2003. The document further describes conditions so severe that any normal person would not be able to perform the duties of a first responder. So let’s contract the range again to 2000-2003.

Now we have the incident itself. Apart from asking for a first aid kit, nothing in Goldman’s behavior suggest the actions of a first responder, who would have been trained in safely handling and working around heavy objects and, proper response to injury, albeit her own. It just doesn’t look like Goldman had the skills she claimed to have during the period 2000-2007.

There’s no doubt that Goldman hung out at the local volunteer fire department in Plumsteadville, PA, down the road from her house. Though her name was never included on rosters of officers, archive photos showed pictures of her at social events, including her recurring role as Mrs Claus. If you believe that Goldman is qualified to be State Auditor, however, you might also believe in Santa Claus.

And the Home Depot lawsuit in PA? The case went to federal court because the claim was over $50,000 but not less than $75,000 so Home Depot moved it. Later in 2006 the case was allowed to go to arbitration because the claim was limited to $150,000. The exact outcome is not known but a case like this would be on the Republican poster for the need for tort reform.


One more thing

Little Miss Voter Integrity is still registered to vote in Bucks County PA almost 7 years later at the same time she's running for State office in NC. You'd think a candidate for auditor would have all those Ts crossed and Is dotted.