Flipping my shirt: Miller to Aiken

I went to visit my mother this afternoon at the retirement center. My tee shirt said "Team Miller" on the front and "Brad Miller for Congress" on the back. When I was leaving, I heard this voice coming down the hall. "What does that shirt say?" I said for her not to get excited because he wasn't running. She runs the retirement center and every time he came she would say, "Don't you leave without seeing me first." He never did even tho' she was not in his district. She started telling me that he needs to run because the country is in a mess. Finally I said, "What district are you in?" "District 2" I told her that I had just the candidate for her and she asked who it was and I said "Clay Aiken" She said "never" he was terrible and a Republican. When I explained to her that she was thinking about the wrong Aiken, she asked me to tell her about Clay. I told her as much as I could in the little time I had and asked her if she could get a group together to hear about him. She said she could and she would really like that. I have the video on my phone, but they probably need more than that.

See...Shirts Happen!!



I love that!

I wear my mother's campaign shirt everywhere, but nothing like that has ever happened!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Betsy, that lady has been

Betsy, that lady has been working at the retirement center for a long time. She isn't the owner, but she runs the place. She always had to talk to Brad when he came. She would ask questions like "What are you going to do about the gas tax?" Just anything to start a conversation. She saw the shirt and just knew Brad was coming back. Then she told me that he should because the country was in a mess. (you know Brad can fix it) When I found out what district she was in I told her about Clay. She asked me if I would tell her more about him. I hope I don't leave anything out. She has all that staff and they all have family and friends and they listen to her. Some of her family work there.She listens to me. Poor thing. I may have to go outside the retirement center to talk, because the owners wouldn't like it. Especially since they are Republicans. She works and lives in Hope Mills, so maybe Clay will be going there soon. He can talk about himself much better than I can. It's going to be funny if I get votes for Clay because I'm wearing Brad's shirt.