U.S. Senate Democratic candidate poll


Just taking your pulse...

It seems high, do you have a lot of stress in your life? How often do you exercise? Have you tried Yoga? Keto? Kale? Okay, your pulse is getting worse, no more questions.

Will be interesting to see results

The poll I ran on Twitter had 122 responses and was 2:1 in favor of Cunningham. I don't attribute anything to the results other than the fact that campaigns should be able to mobilize online pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, I included only Smith and Cunningham, which was an embarrassing oversight on my part.

Not really an oversight.

Aside from the fact they are (by far) the two main candidates, Twitter doesn't give you much room for stuff. Five choices on this blog was almost too big to fit my laptop screen without scrolling to see the whole thing.

Emerson did a poll...

that had Smith +7 vs. Tillis (46-39), even though that was back in June. I doubt things have gotten better for Tillis since then. Meanwhile, PPP did a poll matching Cunningham and Tillis and the gap was much less, only +2 for Cunningham (45-43). Cal has all kinds of baggage from the last time he stepped in to challenge Burr, given the underhanded way Chuck Schumer tried to push his candidacy. Schumer's at it again, but this time it looks like Smith has the upper hand and has significant support from outside groups as well as within NC. She's likely to fair much better in the primary (no run-off with Cunningham) and be in a better position to challenge Tillis. Besides, she's a real progressive we can all get behind and she helps turn out the vote in communities that Cunningham likely won't, which gives the rest of our slate a boost from the presidential right down to the legislative races.