Early voting for 2020 Primary begins today

Say hello to Michael Bennet. But also, say goodbye to Michael Bennet. He's one of (currently) seven Democratic Presidential candidates on your ballot that is no longer in the race. Before you set out for your early voting site, look up your sample ballot on the Board of Elections website, because you've likely got other elections like County Commissioner of which you may not be aware. Take the time to get it right, democracy is counting on you.



WRAL has an up-to-date list

of those on he ballot who have dropped out:

Here are the 15 candidates in the order they appear on North Carolina's ballot:

Deval Patrick (dropped out Wednesday)
Bernie Sanders
Tom Steyer
Elizabeth Warren
Marianne Williamson (dropped out Jan. 10)
Andrew Yang (dropped out Tuesday)
Michael Bennet (dropped out Tuesday)
Joe Biden
Mike Bloomberg
Cory Booker (dropped out Jan. 13)
Pete Buttigieg
Julian Castro (dropped out Jan. 2)
John Delaney (dropped out Jan. 31)
Tulsi Gabbard
Amy Klobuchar

I will update the above list if (when?) more drop out.