Chief public defender in Fayetteville resigns over racist social media post

With friends like this, black defendants don't need enemies:

Cumberland County Chief Public Defender Bernard Condlin submitted a letter of resignation Wednesday after coming under scrutiny for posting a meme on his personal Facebook page showing people being assaulted with water cannons. His resignation is effective June 30.

The words “The next riot at the Market House” appeared with the post before it was removed. It appeared to refer to a May 30 incident at the Market House that followed a peaceful march held to protest the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

It's even worse than just the firehose gif. In the comment section on the Facebook post, he jokes about them setting themselves on fire, and then getting the government to pay for their medical treatment. Trump has really brought the racists out of the closet, hasn't he? People are saying and doing things they would have been way too ashamed to do in the past, and these apologies just don't cut it:

“My recent social media activity has brought this office into disrepute. Although I meant no ill will, spite or malice toward anyone, in hindsight it was in poor taste and an error in judgment. I sincerely apologize for any harm or pain I have caused. Therefore, it is in the best interest of this office that I resign my position as chief public defender.”

Condlin went on to write, “I want to take the opportunity to apologize to every member of the black community, the members of the Cumberland County Black Bar Association, our local judiciary, the local bar members, members of the Cumberland County Public Defender’s Office, the general public, friends and family. I would specifically like to apologize to my son-in-law and granddaughter."

Bolding mine, translated: "I not only have black friends, I have black family members!" Nice try, jackass.

Even in this heightened racist culture fanned by Trump and his bots, posts like this on social media represent more than just a lapse, or a momentary brain fart. They represent years of conditioning and suppressed anger towards minorities, and that is bound to have affected his performance as a public defender. How many plea bargains did he push on innocent black defendants, how much exculpatory evidence did he casually ignore, even without intentionally doing so?

If you click that link to the Facebook screengrab, you'll see another racist, a white woman (Tami Marano), and friend of Condlin. She was also a public defender at one time in Fayetteville, and is now a private-practice defense lawyer. She posted that the protesters should have COVID 19 sprayed on them. They should both be disbarred, and a thorough investigation of that office is long overdue.



I'm past zero tolerance

Especially in positions like this, where taxpayer funding is involved, we need to root out these racists before they do something blatantly stupid to reveal themselves. Psychological testing or profiling, close and continued monitoring of social media, whatever. If you don't like the intrusion, go work somewhere else.