Hump-Day Handouts


Once again Greg Lindberg is in hot water:

The regulator alleged that Lindberg, once North Carolina’s largest political donor, and an associate looted more than $75 million from Lindberg’s insurance companies, compromising the companies’ liquidity and leading to a state takeover of the insurers that has kept policy holders from receiving payments.

The money flowed through a Malta-based advisory firm through complicated schemes designed to mask the fact that Lindberg treated insurance company money as his own, SEC investigators said in their complaint, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina.

I'm sorely tempted to label him the "Maltese Vulture," but those carrion fowl actually serve a purpose. Speaking of disgusting and contemptible people, the South Carolina House just passed a near-total abortion ban yesterday:

Members of the South Carolina House passed a near-total abortion ban on Tuesday after a more restrictive version of the legislation failed.

The measure bans all abortions except in pregnancies up to 12 weeks that result from rape or incest. The original version’s exception for the life of the woman also remains. HB 5399 heads to the South Carolina Senate next week for consideration.

Earlier Tuesday, Republicans tried to pass an abortion ban that made no exceptions for rape or incest. The measure failed by eight votes, underscoring a growing political divide among Republicans over how far to push the kinds of legislative abortion restrictions that remain broadly unpopular with voters.

That tension was evident Tuesday, as Republican leaders struggled at times to keep their lawmakers in line. Earlier in the day, House members — led by the most conservative members of the GOP — rejected a rape and incest exception.

If a woman wants to carry a rapist's (or Daddy's, or both) child to term, I respect her right to decide that way. But to tell her she is required by law to do that? They should all be voted out of office, but those who fought those exceptions should have their asses kicked on top of being voted out. Serenity now...

IAEA inspectors will visit imperiled Ukrainian nuke plant tomorrow morning:

A Ukrainian assault on Russian forces in the south is ongoing, and a team from the International Atomic Energy Agency has arrived in the city of Zaporizhzhia, some 80 miles from the Russian-held nuclear power plant where inspectors aim this week to assess potential damage caused by recent strikes around the facility. The nuclear inspectors are scheduled to spend the night at a hotel in Zaporizhzhia before visiting the plant first thing on Thursday morning.

IAEA chief Rafael Mariano Grossi said the mission aims to establish a permanent monitoring presence at the plant. Grossi met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a short trip to Kyiv before setting off early Wednesday for the days-long mission. Grossi said he secured assurances from Moscow and Kyiv that he and his team will be safe as they travel behind the war’s front lines.

A senior Russian diplomat endorsed Grossi’s push for a permanent presence at the plant on Wednesday, though Kremlin-installed officials in the region downplayed the scale and scope of the mission.

Zelensky and his advisers accused Russian forces Tuesday of striking targets on the IAEA’s path to Zaporizhzhia; the Kremlin did not respond to the allegation but said Wednesday it is doing what is necessary to ensure the safety of the mission.

The hubris of Russia endangering another Ukrainian nuclear plant shows they learned less than nothing from Chernobyl. Idiots.

Speaking of idiots, the United Daughters of the Confederacy want "reparations" over the removal of their statue in Winston-Salem:

Saying it’s owed reparations, a pro-Confederate group argued in front of the N.C. Supreme Court Monday that government officials in Winston-Salem improperly removed a prominent downtown Confederate statue in 2019. The United Daughters of the Confederacy have lost several previous court arguments in this case, and the statue remains down.

Even if they win Monday’s case in front of the state’s highest court, it’s unlikely the statue would immediately be put back up. Instead the Confederate group has asked for a new trial to be held over the statue’s fate, this time with more favorable facts for its side. An important and unresolved question is who actually owns the statue — because if the Confederate group does own it, its lawyer argued Monday, then its rights were violated when the city took down the statue without giving it due process to fight that decision.

If I remember correctly, the City tried several times to negotiate with said daughters, and offered to relocate it to an old cemetery where Confederate soldiers are buried. And once again we can thank the boneheads on the UNC Board of Governors for setting the precedent of throwing money at anachronistic antebellum @$$holes. Great job.



If you're wondering why I included

Robin Hayes in the picture, his downfall never gets old. Be like paisley, coming back into fashion every few years or so. If somebody wanted me to contribute to one of those cornerstone time vaults, to be opened in 50-100 years, I would put a few newspaper clippings of Hayes in there, just so our enlightened descendants will know...