Drinking Liberally Tonight!

I've long been jealous of Screwy's Asheville Drinking Liberally posts. He always comes up with the best reasons to sit down for a beer—because Bush's numbers are down, or to escape the moronitude that is the Republican congress, etc. I've given up any hope that I can compete in style, skill, or straight up moxie, so I offer this: if this is your first Chapel Hill Drinking Liberally meeting, I want to buy you a beer. Seriously. Also, Rory Blake, candidate for the 6th Congressional District seat now occupied by Howard Coble is going to try to stop by, and Sally Green of the Chapel Hill Town Council is going to come if she can get away from a forum in time. So come! Tyler's Taproom, in the Speakeasy (in the back) at 7pm in Carrboro.


Now THAT'S moxie

I can't decide whether to hope that you have extraordinary or meager turnout. You've got a lot of cojones to make an offer like that. It's almost enough to make me drive up there.

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I didn't notice it before

But is there a little smiley face in that beer's head?

Is there anyone in Greensboro?

Is anyone in Greensboro interested in forming our own? By the way, is it rude to go to one of these if you can't drink?

Thanks for asking that kisler1224....

I cant drink due to the meds I am on for high B/P and stuff so I have long been wondering if it would be rude just to show up with a coke in hand. But I were scared to ask! Cides, it's a dry,dry county here.