Nominate Larry Kissell NOW!

Screwy Hoolie was alert enough to notice that MyDD had re-opened nominations for netroots endorsements and posted yesterday encouraging us to head on over. Currently, Larry Kissell leads in the comment section. That doesn't guarantee an endorsement, but it certainly shows that the excitment around his campaign is growing.

Go Now and let's give the Republicans more to worry about. Larry with netroots fundraising will send them shaking to hide back under their rocks. If you haven't left your Kissell nomination at MyDD, please do so now and send your friends too! It really will make a difference.

The current presence of JohnB whose sole purpose appears to be to create a pretend issue for the Kissell campaign is a sure sign that the Republican slime machine is gearing up now that they have recognized the threat Larry Kissell poses to Robin Hayes. We can expect more of this mess from the NCGOP.



You're the best!

Thanks Betsy!

Thank you, Steve

I was very impressed at how many people outside of North Carolina are endorsing Larry in the comments. I forgot to add all the local blogs discussing Larry, so going to go add those now in a comment.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I have to agree with what

I have to agree with what someone said on that Blog that Larry is turning NC Blue.

I can't wait until November!


Welcome to BlueNC. I haven't seen you post before. Glad you are speaking up. I am very encouraged with the response Larry is getting from people within NC and people from across the country. I think he represents the kind of genuine honesty and integrity that everyone wants to see in Washington.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Main St Values vs Wall St Values-- Kissell For Congress

Larry Kissell stands heads and shoulders above most of the candidates running against entrenched Republican incumbents in November. He really is an inspiring citizen to take on the task of making the 8th CD, North Carolina and America a better place for people.

No need, though to sit around waiting for a new Netroots pick before contributing to the grassroots campaign to help get Larry into office. And to make it more attractive, any BlueNC reader who contributes to the DWT ACT BLUE Page in the next 24 hours ('til Thursday at 1:30AM East Coast time) will get a brand new, free ME AND MR. JOHNSON CD, which is Eric Clapton's awesome tribute to blues legend Robert Johnson. (Actually, the first 20 get the Clapton CDs, after that, it's pot luck-- but definitely great stuff.)

Hi DWT..I've visited you already

but I have a Larry ActBlue page too, so didn't give. Great idea. I'll save the CDs for someone else. Please stop by and chat sometime. You are also welcome to register and post a diary.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Larry Kissell

Yes!Yes! I agree that we need to get Larry Kissell elected. I would like to see Netroots endorse him.