Patrick McHenry's Staffer pleads Guilty to DUI then runs Gaston GOP Convention

It seems Republican Congressional candidate Lance Sigmon can go fuck himself, at least as far as Gaston County Republicans are concerned.

What else was the GOP thinking to have the deputy district director for one candidate run a convention that is allegedly for the entire party:

Here are a few 'graphs from the Gaston Gazette coverage:

Four Republican candidates for governor - Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, state Sen. Fred Smith, former N.C. Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr and Salisbury attorney Bill Graham - spoke first during Saturday's breakfast and then quickly departed for the Mecklenburg County GOP Convention in Charlotte.

. . .

Convention Chairman Brett Keeter said the attendance Saturday was better than past conventions of the Gaston GOP and that's a good sign during a heated presidential race.

Writer Daniel Jackson needs to talk to his sports staff about how not to drink the subject's koolaid when covering the news. Brett Keeter has been in their own paper for several months for getting suspended as McHorny's Deputy District Director for his September DUI arrest and February guilty plea.

Not only is it weird to write Brett Keeter's name as if his DUI wasn't fairly recent news, it's completely illegitimate reporting not to mention Keeter is a high-level (and well-paid) McHenry staffer (or staffer on suspension).

I've never heard of county conventions being run by either campaign or district staff of a Congressman, particularly the year of a contested election. 11th District Congressman Heath Shuler's District staffer Randy Flack had to step down from running for Buncombe County Democratic Party Chair because of the potential conflict of interest.

It looks like Pat McHorny doesn't care too much about conflicts of interest, potential or otherwise. He must have too much to hide.

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This needs to come up in searches under Patrick McHenry and it won't do it with McHorny in the title. :D Hope you don't mind that I edited to make it more search-friendly. This needs to get out.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

No problem, Betsy

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News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,


It just seems to me that it degrades the blog itself.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke


I may be alone in seeing it this way, but the repeated use of "McHorny" for McHenry is really getting old. It's about as sophisticated a form of humor as that used by so many right-wingers when they use "KKK" to spell "Democrat," or when they use upper case "RAT" for the same word.

I can't help thinking that a newcomer to the blog would catch a look at this "cute" rendering of the guy's name and think, 'Oh, rats, I heard this was an intelligent blog."

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

I'm not fond of the nick either

I don't mind calling names. Trust me. I'm not above that. I understand this is an attempt to "brand" McHenry, but people don't search for news about him under that nickname. I would never edit someone's title simply because I didn't like their word choice. I've been watching our headlines and we need to do a better job with titles that will stand out in searches.

That being said, something that's cute when used in a very limited way can become tiresome after a while. In my opinion, this nickname has reached that point. is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS that a suspended staffer employed by Congressman Patrick McHenry was running the Gaston County, North Carolina GOP convention.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The name fits

McHorny's personal lifestyle makes Eliot Spitzer look like Mr. Clean. I agree that for search functionality the name "McHenry" should be used early and often. But for flat out accuracy, McHorny says it all.

It's McHorny Party Time in Gaston County GOP?

Also seen at the Gaston County GOP convention was Appeals Court Judge DWI Doug McCullough staggering around with McHenry's former DWI staffer discussing the merits of Miller lite over Bud lite.


November 3, 2007

* Blames DWI on Mother-In-Law
* DWI Judge Doug walks to Judical Chambers from Atlantic Beach to Raleigh while on probation until April 08
* DWI Republicn Judge swears to make NC districts all Republican in 2010

By Greensboro N&R Editorial Editor Doug Clark

"Campaigns are already under way for 2008 North Carolina judicial elections. These contests are nonpartisan, but they're still political. Too political. In this state, judicial candidates are allowed to engage in political activities but within limits spelled out in the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Its very important Canon 1 says: "A judge should uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary." Canon 3 A. (6) states: "A judge should abstain from public comment about the merits of a pending proceeding in any state or federal court dealing with a case or controversy arising in North Carolina or addressing North Carolina law ..."

Douglas McCullough is a judge on the N.C. Court of Appeals and an announced candidate for re-election in 2008. He's a Republican, as he makes clear when speaking to Republican audiences. One such occasion was Oct. 20 at Lake Junaluska in Haywood County. A video at McCullough's campaign Web site captures his remarks. He describes himself and two other candidates -- Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds and Court of Appeals Judge John Tyson, also Republicans -- as EMT, a team needed to rescue the judiciary. No problem with that. Then he says Edmunds' re-election is especially important because of legislative redistricting, recounting how Democratic gerrymandering has kept Republicans in the minority in the state House of Representatives. After the next redistricting in 2011, a challenge is sure to go to the Supreme Court, McCullough says, strongly implying that Republicans will get a better deal if Edmunds is on the bench. I believe McCullough's statements were improper, violating the spirit if not the letter of the Code of Judicial Conduct. Of course, there isn't yet a redistricting case before the courts. The next redistricting hasn't happened yet. But McCullough himself says there almost certainly will be such a case. While it's not technically a "pending" case at this time, it's a case that reasonably can be anticipated. I'd say, then, that this judge should have abstained from public comments about the merits of the case. I understand that McCullough said nothing about the legal merits of a potential future redistricting case. His concern had to do with the political merits.

Hence the suggestion that the Republican Party will get a better deal from Republican judges. (It follows that the corollary would apply: the Democratic Party will get a better deal from Democratic judges.) Sadly, that still may be true in North Carolina. But it ought not be. As the code says, judges should uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary. They should apply the law with impartiality. Running without party affiliation should free them from allegiance to partisan interests. Voters should expect that, even demand it. They shouldn't want to elect judges with a predetermined disposition in political cases, criminal cases or any other kind of cases. I wasn't impressed by Judge McCullough's partisan remarks to Haywood County Republicans, and I hope that fair-minded voters will have the same reaction. Update, Nov. 2: The video has been removed from Judge McCullough's campaign Web site, but it has been posted here. Doug Clark.

See DWI Judge Doug Rap sheet below

Judge DWI Plea Carteret - 4/3/2007 A North Carolina Appeals Court judge has pleaded guilty to DWI charges in Carteret County. Judge John Douglas McCullough must pay a fine, perform community service, and lose driving privileges for a year as part of his sentence. McCullough blew a .12 in a breathalyzer test back in October. A spokesman for Judicial Standards says McCullough faces no formal charges related to his standing as an Appeals Court judge.

What it says is

that you're resorting to the tactics of a twelve-year old in a chatroom.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

Pat is a party animal who has run on the image of MR. Clean

He's a phoney Christian conservative. That's what will bring him down. Not all his real scandals (that the local press and others don't seem to want to cover, anyway.) McHorny McHenry is thriving right now on a pristine image and candidates can't go after that image like I can. That's why I do it, to support others who can't. I'm not sure why people outside the district sometimes don't get this but perhaps they haven't read up on his mentor Karl Rove. I'm only fighting bonfires with a little tiny lighter. And it's working.

I wish BlueNC had a news site separate but connected from the commentary and opinion. But until it does, I'll post my news (with links) laced with snark. I regret that people don't like it but I'm not going to stop something that works because a few people find it distasteful and repulsive. Everyone should feel repulsed when they read about this guy.

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Snark, per se, doesn't bother me so much

I just like it to be witty, or close to witty, or perhaps somehow meaningful. This nickname just doesn't do it.

You're right that I don't know all that much about McHenry, but the "McHorny" nickname doesn't tell me anything about him. It suggests that he likes to have sex. So?

If he's committing a crime, say so, but just a play on his name with the word "horny?" And what's wrong with being horny?

I don't think Christian conservatives have ever said there's anything wrong with being horny. They'd definitely say that sex outside marriage is a crime, but the word "horny" doesn't really convey that someone is having sex outside marriage -- or is even having sex for that matter. It just says he wants to. SO?

If you say the guy is a player and a partier -- ok, fine, whatever, but even that is really between him and his family. If you've got something on the guy, go with it, but calling him "McHorny" is so lame that is creates the impression that you're desperate with something to hit him with.

Again, it isn't the concept of someone being horny that I find distasteful or repulsive, and for that matter I don't find the blog posts using this nickname *repulsive,* but I do tend to assume they don't have much to say, so I don't read 'em.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

You're right

But it's not Democrats I want to influence. It's conservative Republicans in the 10th that need to know this nickname has some truth behind it.

Yes, I don't think indiscriminate sex is a reason to bring down any Congressman (unless it's with the unwilling or underaged) but this guy got a lot of votes from people who find that he's indiscriminately sexual to be morally wrong. I would like them to at least have some hints as to the reality of their representative in Congress.

And if it loses me my supportive readers, well, I'll probably use it less frequently now. But, again, I think BlueNC should have a straight news site done by journalistic principles and then a snarky commentary site where we can have fun and use these techniques.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Well said.

Everybody gets to fight they way they want. You've single-handedly done more to raise legitimate questions about who Pat really is than anyone else in America.

Frankly, the use of his real name

bothers me more than any nickname could. It's not as odd as "Abraham McLincoln", but it's pretty damned strange, nonetheless.

This is (sort of) along the same lines of what I was discussing on another thread about subliminal associations, but how many folks who voted for him did so because of the Patrick Henry association? You know, "I have no idea who these two people are, but one of them sounds patriotic."

I guess we could change the saying to: "Give me liberty to say one thing and do another whilst I misappropriate monies and serve my corporate masters. Oh yeah, if everything I've done comes to light, go ahead and give me death, because that's some seriously embarassing shit."

That actually makes more sense

since it does at least describe something objectionable. Whereas in the case of the childish nickname, what is suggested is that this person is desirous of having sex. I'm not sure there's anything inherently dirty or wrong with that.

Misappropriating monies and serving the interests of corporate as opposed to human entities, however, are definitely objectionable.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

I hear your point , Brunette

I wish we had a nickname that centered on the hypocrisy of his lifestyle versus his supposed Christian family values rather than just implying that he likes to have sex. But this one is the best we've got. And, as I wrote above, and as sc points out so well, I strongly believe we've got to go after his image with all our guns. Yes, it's childish but most marketing is rather simple and childish. I'd rather be childish and get rid of this guy than stay above the fray and have him stay in power for generations.

However, I think discussions like this are healthy, useful and necessary. I don't ever want Democrats to be like the Bush/Rove years of the Republican party where every Republican spewed the "framing of the week" to every news outlet. Let's disagree on tactics all we want. More the merrier.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Ok Drama Queen

Anyway, I do love your pseudonym.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

Drama Queen?

James gave you the nickname "Drama Queen?"

Well, whomever deserves credit, I think it's a good 'un.

It would seem like such a creative mind could come up with a better pseudonym than "McHorny," though.

; >

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke


I'm responsible for McHorny, child that I am.

That would be the 12-year-old James

Unlike the 57-year-old James who played by the "adult" rules for 15 years without creating so much as a ripple in the big political pond. When you're on the side of David and your opponent is Goliath, you have to push the limits. Otherwise, you're invisible - or worse.

David didn't beat Goliath by calling him names

But it's kind of funny watching you try to make "nanny nanny boo boo" sound like a strategic operation that is slowly but surely eroding McHenry's reputation. The reputation that is suffering by the use of this school yard stuff isn't McHenry's.

(By the way, little known piece of Biblical trivia here -- David originally tried to defeat Goliath by calling him names but had to rethink his game plan when Goliath answered "Sticks and stones may break my bones . . . " etc. You know the rest.)

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

What's funny

is watching you being so worried all the time about everything I write.

I survived my first 57 years without your careful guidance, and I'm guessing I'll do just fine going forward as well. If you spent half the time fighting McHenry that you spend monitoring my behavior, we'd all probably get a lot more done.

The same applies to the mercenaries. Instead of calling me out for challenging the decency of your lobbyist friends working for Blackwater, maybe you could do something to actually stop the scourge itself. I know that's not your issue, but still.

I put up with plenty of crap from plenty of people I consider enemies. And I sure as hell don't need it from someone I agree with on 90% of all issues. Whatever you think you're doing to keep me in line isn't working. Indeed, every time I have to deal with Brunette Blowback it's an unproductive waste of time.

A few months ago I stopped reading any of your comments because most of them were criticisms of something I had said. Those were the good old days.


Maybe you should have counted to ten or something.

I don't know McHenry, but I don't think calling him names is "battling" him. I am interested in seeing him lose his next election, but since I also participate on this blog, I would like to recommend it to people without being embarrassed about the fact that one of the people who runs the darn thing thinks that name-calling is a political strategy.

I don't monitor your behavior, James. I have no idea what you're doing.

I don't know why you think I am "being so worried all the time" about what you write, but am sorry that you have that sense of persecution.

It sounds to me as though you are having a little temper tantrum here, and are indulging in the kind of exaggeration that one expects from a person sitting on the floor with a red face and balled up fists.

As for Blackwater, I have been pretty clear on the point that I dislike who they are and what they do, but you're correct that my argument on the matter was primarily focused on what I still consider to be a very wrong-headed approach to combatting their influence.

What I called you out for had nothing to do with whether my lobbyists 'friends' (I think "friends" might be exaggerating my acquaintance a tad) were decent or not decent, but rather that you sought to smear them for representing their client. I thought and continue to think that your attacking the lobbyists represents an immature approach at best, and at worst, a rejection of the principles that the First Amendment represents.

I admit that I can be sharp-tongued, but I know that you have no objection to people being sharp-tongued on this blog, nor do you object to the concept of argument. You dish it out here and you dish it out on other blogs, but you can't seem to take it.

I'm not good at tip-toeing around egos, James, and yours appears especially fragile. Thus, yes, I think you're probably better off not reading my comments.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke


I guess you'd be happier if we took out our slingshots and tried to kill McHorny?


The other side of the McHorny bible Story & name calling?

David didn't beat Goliath by calling him names

(By the way, little known piece of Biblical trivia here -- David originally tried to defeat Goliath by calling him names but had to rethink his game plan when Goliath answered "Sticks and stones may break my bones . . . " etc. You know the rest.)*Brunette

And the rest is?

The true atheist smackdown story of David and Goliath!

On the Plains of Abrams in Judea 2500 BC early morning!

David: Hey sissy Goliath! Show your overgrown steriod ass!

Goliath McHorny: Hey you little piss ant midget! I am going stomp your little no white Jewish ass into the soil of my fathers!

David: Oh shit! He is really,really a big sucker! I am screw? Who was the asshole that put me up to this?

God: David!! Pay attention and stop believing your eyes!

David: Oh God! Thank god you are here! What do I do?

God: Call that giant sissy retard a another name and dare him to bend over!

David: Okay! Hey Goliath McHorny! Your mother is a pagan hooker and a full service Ho to the Governor of New York! Hey asshole steroid freak, she is standing behind you! Why don't you bend over and hug your momma?

Goliath McHorny: Mom! WTF are you doing here! Give me a big hug!

SOUND: whistling noise of wind......and POW!

MORE SOUND and Voice: "Holy Moses" Crash! Bang!

David: Wow!

Goliath McHorny: Ohoooooooooo! moaning, my ass hurts! Get me a doc and get this spearshot out of my ass! Help......Ohoooooooooo! I will worship the God of Judea, I promise!

God: David! Now you have seen the power of the Lord and the dumb asshole Goliath McHorny thinks that is a spear in his ass. I didn't hire Michael the Stud Arch Angel to sit on his ass all day in my kingdom for nothing!

David: God! How am I going to explain this to my tribe and what should I write down in the holy bible for the legal record!

God: Ah David! Just make up some bullshit story about wacking the overgrown freak with a couple of pebbles in a sling shot. Your tribe is about the dumbest bunch of Jews among my lot. They will believe anything! Now move it and declare yourself King before somebody catchs on to this story or CSI shows up.....

Oops, I misunderstood

James thought up McHorny, which I think is effective (as I've said) but I can see why you don't want to recommend the blog to friends. To me, blogs are not just communities, they are political tools and there will always be conflicts between people who focus more on one aspect over the other.

I didn't "think up" my pseudonym. I AM a Drama Queen! I don't believe in false advertising.

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Political whiz kids turn out to be doomed party hacks

I'm not that worried about nicknames. What strikes me here is that McHenry and his bumbling/criminal staffers are all cut from the same cloth and exist for the same reason. Usually when a party goes with one of these whiz kids they turn out to be doomed party hacks. There are a lot of party hacks in Congress, but people like McHenry have never done anything other than politics, usually working on the margins in dirty tricks operations and not policy. Political consulting, the Bush campaign, and being a political appointee in a personal office don't qualify anyone to do anything except more political operating. And even worse, with that kind of background one's head starts to swell, and illusions of smarts roll in. These people always end up in a mess.

I think McHenry is the BEST thing that could happen to the district. It's one of the most Republican in the country, and realistically a horrendous series of scandals is the only way a Democrat could win it. Let's hope he hangs on and he and his bumble their way into more trouble. It worked for Taylor.


You are so f---ing right, oh my gosh, I love this page
You guys say exactly what you think and what the rest of the world is scared to say. And this is from a I think recruited now Democrate.