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  • Reply to: Mark Dorosin on residential segregation and environmental injustice   4 hours 6 min ago

    From Trump and Tillis on down, the willingness of human beings to piss on other human beings without a second's thought.

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    in my (almost) six years on our Town's Planning Board is that NIMBY crosses political party lines virtually unnoticed. A few days before the election in my recent campaign for Alderman I tried to have a reasoned discussion about the need for affordable housing, and it cost me numerous votes.

    Two major themes emerged from people who opposed the idea, a) They can go live somewhere else, and b) My property values will plummet. Many of those same people talked about how they had struggled with housing affordability back in the day (so they should have understood), and how they had "worked hard" to get where they are and didn't want to lose it.

    In other words, I got mine, to hell with other people. We have to stop thinking like that.

  • Reply to: Republican NC Senate candidate hit with restraining order   1 day 6 hours ago

    crap like this, because it has the flavor of gossipy tabloid stuff.

    But misogyny and abuse have to be addressed whenever they show up, because the courts can't change society. That's not their job. Their job is to intervene and "resolve" individual issues like this, which often leads to little or no real punishment.

    So it's left up to society to police itself, and that may be best accomplished using "shame." Not just shaming the abuser, but demonstrating that the behavior itself is shameful, and will no longer be ignored or rationalized. Men who read stories like this might not change what they believe, but it may force them to keep those beliefs to themselves, and the actions that they may have contemplated. That may be all the victory we can hope for.

  • Reply to: Friday News: Justice comes for Hudson   1 day 7 hours ago

    WTF is a "perfect phone call"? It makes even less sense than a "perfectly fine phone call," which is a painful abuse of the language. Also, if it was such a perfect phone call, why did the White House immediately take steps to limit discussion of it, even before the whistleblower came forward?

    The man is patently unfit for the office. Every one of those Republican Senators know that no further evidence is needed to decide that; Trump freely provides that evidence every time he picks up his fucking phone.

  • Reply to: Predator in Blue: Fired detective still stalking rape victims   1 day 21 hours ago

    He could definitely get a job in the Trump administration, stalking and sexual harassment are probably pluses....