ACTION ALERT: Contact NC television stations to demand anti-Obama ad be taken off air

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As most of you know, the North Carolina Republican Party managed to persuade four television stations to air its despicable ad attacking Barack Obama. Unfortunately, we didn't know who they were. Well, now we do, courtesy of the Charlotte Observer.

Roll credits:

*WLOS in Asheville (ABC affiliate)
*WXII in Winston-Salem (NBC affiliate)
*WCTI in New Bern (ABC affiliate)
*WECT in Wilmington (NBC affiliate)

Those of you who live in these areas--pester these stations, or if possible their owners. Now. Be sure to stress that in light of Obama's unequivocal rejections of Wright's comments (especially yesterday), running this ad is particularly irresponsible.


To hell with that suggestion

I really dislike these kinds of moves. Too reminiscent of the censorship tactics used by people who don't want libraries keeping certain books, networks to air certain tv shows, stations to play certain songs --- no thanks.

In fact, I'd sooner call the stations you've listed and urged them to resist your efforts to censor than I would lift a finger to assist you.

Much as I look down upon the ads being aired against Obama, I fully support the right of the stations to air them and I truly do condemn people who think, as you do, that censorship is the answer. As long as the ad is not libelous or otherwise illegal, I say let it run, and let people make up their own damned minds.

I think the ads will actually mobilize Obama's supporters to get that vote out, but notwithstanding any of that, I truly despise the strategy you are proposing.


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
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If it weren't for Obama denouncing Wright

I'd leave it at simply holding these four stations up for public ridicule. But in light of Obama's remarks yesterday, unless their traffic departments have their heads in the sand airing this ad is irresponsible. Sorry, the old-school journalism major coming out in me ...


It isn't old-school anything but censorship of what you don't want others to hear.

Again, if it were libelous or otherwise illegal, I'd think it should come down. But it isn't either of those things. It's just hard ball politics -- and it reflects badly upon the sponsors. It makes the GOP look far worse than it makes Obama or Perdue or Moore look.

Isn't there a book you should be burning or a movie you should be picketing somewhere?


Farenheit 451 in NC

Is it censorship when you ask a broadcast station not to air something that it's being paid to air?

I suppose it is. The ad is ludicrous, and we all know it. I practice this kind of "voting with my dollars" occasionally by letting sponsors of offensive programming know that I will not be buying their product because of something they support.

If I squint and turn my head sideways, I can see the difference.

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It absolutely is

Yes, it is. I think contacting the sponsors is fine to let them know your reaction. In fact, my guess is that they want to know.

But deciding for the rest of the viewers what they may or may not see because of your opinion or mine on a political ad is offensive.

The ad is certainly ludicrous, which, again, I think is actually hurting the cause it is meant to advance (or rather, advancing the campaign it is meant to hurt!), but unless the damned thing is advocating something illegal or is an outright lie (and there's a lot of wormish wiggle room when it comes to political ads), then leave the stupid thing on the air.

still squinting


I still think people have the right to ask stations not to air stuff. I think it's up to the station to decide. Ultimately, they decide by the money, right? They don't really have ethics, per se.

And I happen to agree with you about this ad. Let it be seen; it has already had the effect of the national media entertaining the idea of the NC-GOP being the worst ever...something. I don't mind that at all.

Just wondering about people's rights to organize a protest about something they find offensive. You know. The whole free speech thang.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
Pointing at Naked Emperors

Protest away but don't censor

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Sure - run your own ad.

Hard to do if you can't get the money to do that, though.

So we can just type away about what assholes the NCGOP is to run the ad, but most of NC doesn't read this site, as much as I'd like to believe other wise.

Letters to the editors to the newspapers in the cities where the ads are being run - there's your best bet, if you can write effectively and get them published.

That's the ticket. That's what you do.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
Pointing at Naked Emperors

Protest away but don't censor

Let's not decide for someone else what s/he can read or hear or watch.

Let each individual make that decision.

Religious groups are fond of claiming that they have the right to express their outrage by having a library remove a book or a television show yanked.

Sure, express outrage. But let your message compete with the other rather than drown it out.

I have the same problem with people who drown out speakers at events to which the speaker has been invited to SPEAK. When someone is driven off a lecturn or stage because a group has decided to drown out his or her voice, everyone else in the audience is deprived of an opportunity he or she would otherwise have to evaluate a given message.

There are plenty of ways to protest the ad other than demanding that it be taken off the air.