Alamance Sheriff Endorses Vernon Robinson


I was just sent this website and it scares me to death. Sorry, I don't know how to make it a link.



I linked it



Now just make him go away.


How does someone like this

Get to be sheriff? Sounds like he and vermin are "like-minded"....

lte team ACTIVATE!

Screwy, the Asheville Newspaper finally printed my lte on August 6th!...late but finally in there!


When you are writing one for Larry, please don't forget The Fayetteville Observer. Those of us who know him, love him.

And while you are in the writing mode, how about one to The News and Observer and The Greensboro N & R against Vermin.

Thank you for all you do.


Here it is

Link to LTE Thanks for the help and encouragement!

Beautiful Momo...

Now we need you to send a similar one to the Charlotte and 8th District papers for Larry now that the same ad is popping up here for Hayes.

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