Another NCSU professor wearing two hats

Objectivity in the fracking debate is becoming more elusive every day:

People curious about fracking in North Carolina attended an informational panel Saturday afternoon. Panel speakers were Viney Aneja, professor at N.C. State University; Lee County Commissioner Jim Womack, a member of the N.C. Mining Energy Commission that is writing rules; and Hope Taylor, a fracking critic and director of Clean Water for North Carolina.

Aneja began the panel presentation by explaining the process of fracking and how it has worked in other states. He said he wanted to offer the benefits and disadvantages on the industry in the state. "Let us not be afraid of this industry," Aneja said. "Let us have the good science that we have today and make a decision based on that science."

No, Aneja isn't a geologist, he specializes in atmospheric (air) pollution. An issue that has been the subject of much research recently re fracking, as we try to determine just how much methane escapes into the atmosphere throughout the process. But he isn't just an academic, Aneja is also a "specialist" for a business consulting firm, which has natural gas drillers, coal mining companies, and other energy-related industries as clients:

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While I do believe the fossil fuel industry needs to focus more on their fugitive emissions, and Dr. Aneja has the chops to help them identity and rectify said emissions, I'm not sure that's what he actually does as a consultant. And even if he does, there's still a huge conflict of interest having him talk with the public wearing the robe of an academic, while not informing them of his economic ties to the fossil fuel industry. And once again, the mainstream media either missed this or dismissed this as irrelevant, and you had to read it on a blog.



Grammar Police report:

Experts share fracking infornaton at meeting

There's sometimes a fine line between a typo and the senseless murder of a word, and methinks that line has been crossed in this case.