Blogosphere Day at BlueNC

Okay folks. Today is Blogosphere Day. Over at DailyKos, kos outlines the history of Blogosphere Day.

In 2004, July 19 was the day Ginny Schrader became a blog household name. Unexpectedly thrust into a competitive race, Schrader raised $40K in 24 hours, thwarting DCCC attempts to find a more "credible" candidate.

In 2005, July 19 kicked off the serious fundraising for Paul Hackett, who turned a solid 63 percent Bush district into an epic battle and made it competitive not just for himself, but for his Democratic successor in the race this year.

So it's 2006, and Democrats are on the offensive around the country. My hope for today is that everyone drops at least $5 into some candidate's kitty, whether it's someone on the ActBlue Netroots page, someone else's ActBlue page, or your favorite candidate (national or local).

So, get to it. I just gave another $20 to Larry Kissell. Politics doesn't have to be about big donors, but the only way it is going to change is if we all give $5 or $20. I will eventually put up the DiGiorno for Democrats Day, where I ask every Dem to buy a frozen pizza (DiGiorno just happens to rhyme) instead of going out to dinner one night. Take the difference and give it to your favorite candidate.

Actually, DiGiorno is from Kraft, so perhaps I will rename it Pizza for Progressives.

Here is the Netroots page with Larry listed. Give till it hurts, even if that means $5. And, don't tell my wife.
: )


I like Pizza for Progressives

Nice ring....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Go recommend!!!

Robert, excellent post. It is short, sweet and very creative. I love it.

Robert linked it above, but Please go recommend this diary.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

This is a great idea, and you know what else is a great idea?

Reminding your NC Senators and Representatives that state action on climate change matters to you. Since I started the harassment on Monday, 15 emails have gone out from our Take Action page. That's pretty cool, but considering that we're getting 800 people a day through these doors, I think we can get out a few more emails.

It'll take you five minutes. Not five long minutes, but five short minutes, and then you'll feel a nice warm little sense of accomplishment that will stay with you all day long. And you'll still have the same amount of cash in your pocket to capitalize on Robert's idea!

To paraphrase Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys, "the time for action is NOW!"

Hey Robert

Great post....went and read thru some of your others and noticed that you have written a number of articles on Autism. Wondering why?

My 1st grandson is "slightly" autisic....if that's possible. When he was finally diagnosed, they tested and said that on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst....he was an 11 (?) My daughter and son-in-law have explained that it means "slightly", but if you're off the scale, are you still autisic?

For the most part, he's a beautiful, normal 12 year old boy. Just has troubles with social situations. Last school year he received an award (the Julian Award in Charlotte) for treating others as they want to be treated and only seeing the good in people.

A neat thing happended to him when he went to the Discovery place in Charlotte, there is a section for kids to have "hands-on" experience with some of the exhibits. Everyone of the that had to do with electrical or static electricity went "off the scale" when he touched them and they had to call in the director to reset these exhibits!

Anyway, nice to know someone here is interested in this scarcely known disease!


Fundraising campaigns at Kos used to be characterized by donors giving and extra penny so the amount would be noted as generated by a Kos reader.

Perhaps we can create a BlueNC convention - and one-up the Kossacks - by adding a nickle to our contributions. It may not sound like a big deal, but when campaigns start counting their cash and the see $10.06 or $15.06 contributions, they'll know where they came from.

Just a thought. I'm sending out a dozen $XX.06 contributions today. We can even switch to 08 after November 7th!

I like it

I haven't given yet today; I'll give +0.06 when I do.