Blue Dogs Disappoint Like Republicans

This video of regular folk from the July 17th Democratic Iraq War anti-filibuster rally seems particularly timely three weeks later. Their disillusionment with Republicans fits our current disillusionment with Blue Dog Dems.

The first speaker, John somebody, a veteran, had spent the day on the hill. He talked to Republicans and their staffers. John says: "They agree with us. For some strange reason, they won't vote right." Yeah, Heath, what's your reason to give Alberto Gonzales more secret powers?

Retired Lt. Colonel Andrew Horne said: "They were saying all the things you want to hear . . . They took the same oath we did. It doesn't say anything about fealty to George Bush." Yeah, Heath, why did you support his late-night arm-twisting expansion of secret powers?

Another unidentified woman, Melissa Banning? (a soldier's sister): "This has been a political game and both parties are to blame . . . while both parties are hemming and hawing and wheeling and dealing while our brave young men are dying . . . it's our duty to get them out because our government is not going to.

"I don't want to hear what you can do in 16 months. Show us what you've got now . . . give us something to believe in and something to vote for."


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Here's the link. I'm trying to get the names of two of the speakers.
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