Chad Adams Betrays Puppetmaster

If you're not familiar with a minor league Puppet named Chad Adams, who directs the John Locke Foundation Center for Local Innovation, you're in for a treat. Adams also serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Lee County Commission. He was first elected in 1998 and is now serving in his second term.

Now being a good Puppet, you'd expect Mr. Adams to be firmly opposed to any intrusions by government into the smooth functioning of the Holy Free Market, especially when such intrusions involve (gasp) economic development incentives. Indeed, railing against economic development is one of John Hood's favorite past times. Which makes it all the more surprising to discover that Chad Adams is a closet tax-and-spend librul prone to giving out public money for big, bad corporations. For example, consider this entry in the Lee County Commissioners minutes (attached) for June 6, 2005.

Commissioner Reives moved to approve a resolution authorizing the expenditure of funds for an economic development project and approving an Agreement with Lee County Economic Development Corporation for Lee Brick and Tile Company in the amount of $366,845, a copy of which is attached to these minutes and by this reference
made a part hereof. Upon a vote, the results were as follows:

Aye: Adams, Brown, Hincks, Lemmond, Reives, and Stevens
Nay: None
Absent: Paschal

Aye? Adams? We take that to mean a yes vote. In favor of economic development spending. Which makes Mr. Adams just another Art Pope Puppet hypocrite, plain and simple. Chad, I'm sure the Puppetmaster knows about your transgressions . . . so how come you're still on the payroll?


This isn't breaking,

but it's definitely news. If you spend any time at all tracking down the supporting cast in the Puppet Show, you'll find this kind of hypocrisy in spades.

Sue'em Firvolous Bob to get Pope Puppet Chad in line?

If you're not familiar with a minor league Puppet named
Chad Adams, who directs the John Locke Foundation Center for Local Innovation, * Lee county records expose Pope puppet

Oh no! Another puppet expose for being fascist innnovated
with taxpayers funds to promote business. I am sure Pope puppet
lawyer firvolous Judge Orr will sue him for being a

Could we draw finer distinctions

I know you're being sarcastic, but we tax-and-spend libruls like to see that money spent on something of value -- like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or Pell grants.

Impressive, but let's be current

Thanks for the kind words, I had long supported incentives as a member of the Economic Development Corporation in Lee County. Of course, you really had to go back a little bit. There are some more incentives I've supported over the years. But you and your readers should realize that people have the opportunity to grow and learn. As the focus of the EDC shifted more to incentives and away from creating a level playing field and promoting small and large companies alike, I decided it was a train I wasn't going to ride anymore. It's fine to present the facts with respect to my voting record, I'm not ashamed of it, but you should at least be accurate and present ALL the facts. Then again, maybe personal attacks are just simpler.

Here is the public statement printed in the Sanford Herald at the end of 2005.

Since 1998 I have been generally supportive of "incentives" because I actually believed in them. I, like many others, believed they helped to create an easier environment for companies to come to and grow in Lee County.
Over time, however, I've studied and read and sought to better understand the realities of these economic policies and I can no longer ethically support them.
Citizens and businesses pay their taxes, it's how local government provides services. If they don't, local government will take away their property. Incentives lead us to believe that folks are paying their taxes, but in truth, they get back 50% of what they pay. No other companies get such a benefit. Does that mean that the county will only provide 50% of the services? No, it means that those who pay 100% of their taxes are subsidizing those who pay 50%. And it's not about jobs as our EDC and county have never monitored job creation for companies receiving incentives.
We do this because we think businesses won't stay here or come here without them. But businesses make decisions for business reasons. And if the reason they come here is because of a 50% lower tax rate, then maybe we should examine why our taxes are too high for business.
I cannot stand idly by any longer, these are bad for Lee County, and I believe there should be at least one official who wants local government to treat all businesses equally. As long as one supports incentives, they are not treating businesses as equals.

Chad Adams, sans strings

You don't have to convince me

of the questionable value of most economic development incentives, Mr. Adams. In fact, my observations weren't about the substance of your votes at all. I was commenting on the rather large gap between your votes in Lee County and your advocacy of free-market madness for JLF.

So thanks for clearing the smoke. I'm glad to hear you'll be putting your vote (against those incentives) where your rhetoric is in the future.


PS I'd love to hear your rationale for why a good free-market purveyor of propaganda like JLF can justify operating as a non-profit organization receiving charitable contributions that are tax-deductible. Rather odd for radical libertarians.

Now for the rest of the Commission

Please get the rest of the (D)s and (R)s to vote against those incentives. The vote you reference is a (D) who made the motion. Incentive votes are 6-1 now. Ironically, MSNBC can't find anyone to go on air nationally in favor of these giveaways.

As for Locke being a 501(c)(3), I'm not sure I understand your point.