Charles Gibson Interviews Lipstick Pig

ABC's Charles Gibson interviews "Lipstick Pig" in hard hitting interview about change in America. BlueNC has obtained an advance copy of the video exemplifying Gibson's pit bull journalism:

Not frontpaged. For internal use only. It could be embarrassing if this got out to the general public along with the following reference material:

Torie Clarke, the former Pentagon communications chief who dreamed up and carried out the idea of embedding journalists with the American military in Iraq, has this to say about the current state of public relations: Spin is out. Truth is in. In her new book, Lipstick on a Pig (Free Press, $26.00), which is part memoir, part how-to, Clarke says that pulling the wool over people's eyes is no longer an option.

Yeah, right.

As Sen. John McCain's press secretary in 1989, she helped him survive the potentially lethal Keating Five scandal, using a potent brew of forthrightness and political acumen.


Gibson is going to go soft on Palin

Hate to say it, but the man gave a tougher interview to Miss Piggy than he will to Sarah Palin.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.