Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor for Congress. Thank you; that is all.



That was fast.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

I'm actually a piece of software

running on BlueNC's server.

Charles Taylor Site

Lance, It took a split second to sink in at 2 in the morning ,But great Job! I LOVE IT!

I'm Afraid

I can't take credit for this one, Spooky.


that's a fine lookin' site there. almost makes you want to vote for the s.o.b... okay, not really, but still...


should do a version for Hayes. Can anybody help facilitate that?

How 'bout Tabor

Or Sue Myrick? God they suck.


Guys, Can I have permission to post this at the Lone Gunman?
Spooky Da Dem Vet

Permission not needed.

It's a free blogosphere, after all!

Kissell most certainly does not need to do one of these for Hayes. Someone else, sure, but not the Kissell campaign.