charles taylor gets the stinkpalm!

this probably isn't the right forum for a post like this, and i apologize in advance if that's the case, but i really had to share this story...

yesterday i was talking to a friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous, natch - i'll call him "dave") who was at the asheville tourists game (perhaps you've seen video footage of manager joe mikulik's recent meltdown that got him suspended for a week, fined $1,000 and single-handedly raised billy martin-style histrionics to a whole new level) against the hickory crawdads on sunday, july 2nd.

in honor of independence day, admission was gratis for veterans, and who was there kissing hands, shaking babies and most likely trying figure out how to portray a free baseball game as a "veteran's benefit" but our own rep. charles taylor! at one point a small crowd of people were gathered around him, shaking his hand and wishing him "good luck" in the campaign. at this point "dave", who had recently seen kevin smith's mallrats again, was inspired. he worked his way into that crowd and proceeded to give ol' chainsaw charlie the dreaded stinkpalm.

probably not the most mature or civilized thing to do to an elected official, but it made me laugh to beat the band.


Made me laugh too.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Taylor's like, "What's that smell?"

This is some real news. I just feel bad for all the second-hand stinkpalm doled out by Taylor for the remainder of the night.

"Daddy, I shook Charles Taylor's hand, and now my hand smells like butt."

Scrutiny Hooligans -

second-hand stinkpalm... hee

i don't know; i just have this picture in my head of charles taylor similar to tony shalhoub's adrian monk character - it wouldn't suprise me one bit if he makes one of his aides carry a supply of antimicrobial hand wipes with him at all times, dispensing them on demand whenever he has to touch the hands of 'the little people'.

it wouldn't entirely be out of character for taylor, would it?

I saw the title of this post and cracked up

But that laughter was a little sad, too—sad because surely syntax didn't have a story about Chuckie Terror getting an actual stinkpalm. Then I got to laugh all over again, but without the sadness. Thanks, syntax!

Laughing my fanny off

funny funny funny....tears rolling down my face

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