Congressional District 8

Charlie Cook now has District 8 as a toss up. All that hard work for what? Where do we go from here? I will vote for Larry, but I'm not going to lose any sleep any more. I tried.



Larry is the one who should be losing sleep.

Perhaps he'll have an epiphany regarding how he got himself into this situation and what it will mean to him personally, and to the many that helped him boot Hayes out of office. Too late. He's lost his out-of-district supporters and I suspect those who vote for him will do so holding their nose.

Stan Bozarth

Holding their noses??

Yep, that will be me. When I say that I tried, I really did. I called and e-mailed and everything I could think of, but I finally realized that he didn't care what I thought. I'll bet about now he wishes that he had listened to somebody. Remember us, Larry? We are the ones who elected you.


Well, I didn't mean multiples I changed it.

Larry doesn't remember anything. He was out cold when he voted. Must've been the kool aid spiked with Congressional arrogance. I hope his behind is out. I can take a Harold Johnson. At least we KNOW where he stands.

Stan Bozarth

Seems premature

Kissell will be fine. The undecideds right now aren't going to vote for Johnson; they're the progressives in the 8th that are dissatisfied with the way Kissell has voted on health care primarily. I'm not sure what Cook's rationale is that Kissell is in this much trouble because I'm just not seeing it.

My bet

is that the undecideds aren't going to vote in substantial numbers. Given the choice between a crazy guy named Johnson and a confused guy named Kissell, I'm guessing a whole bunch of independent-minded people will sit this one out.