Critical Thinking 101: Occam's razor shreds conspiracy theories



This may become a thing...

If there's one thing that Twitter (and to a lesser extent, Facebook) has force-fed me, it's the value of brevity when it comes to messaging. Right now, we live in a target-rich environment of fake news and hyperbolic innuendo. Those who know me (in the flesh) are well aware I like to explain things in an often long, drawn-out progression of contributing factors, eventually ending with my conclusions. The (possibly flawed) logic behind that is my desire for people to see the whole thing. How it evolved, who benefited, and a host of other factors I have deemed integral to a true understanding.

And before you say it, you're right. More often than not the point I was trying to make is lost in the informational barrage.

The post above does a couple of different things, and in a very brief fashion. 1) It highlights the absurdity of the right-wing's fear-mongering about said migrant caravan. But it also 2) Forces the reader into the point of view of the migrants themselves, and exposes the glaringly obvious reason they came together. At least, those things were my intent. We'll see how it pans out; how many other people start talking about how they're just trying to protect themselves. I am under no illusions of my "influence" over NC's political realm, but you would be surprised how many times I see some of these things "magically" appear a few days later in mainstream media and/or campaign messaging. :)