Cross tabs, one year later

A year ago Civitas analyst Chris Hayes presented the results of a Civitas poll suggesting that state salaries should be capped, and that no employee should be paid more than the Governor's salary, (then $135,000, now listed as $139,590). In a year with layoffs and without state employee raises Hayes, now a policy adviser to House Speaker Thom Tillis, recently got a 17% raise, from $70,000 to $82,000, more than anyone at Smart Start makes. Among other raises and additions at the Speaker's office Tillis' Chief of Staff got a 25% raise to $150,000 which is more than the Governor makes.

Civitas Institute Senior Legislative Analyst Chris Hayes. “North Carolina’s voters see the fallacy in growing government while the private sector contracts.”

When asked if they agree or disagree that no state employee should be permitted to be paid more than the $135,000 yearly amount that the Governor of North Carolina receives, 61 percent of voters said they agree. Thirty-one percent said they disagree, and 8 percent said they are not sure.

Furthermore, half of the voters who work for the government said they agree with the pay cap for state employees. Forty-four percent of government workers said they disagree, and 8 percent said they were not sure.

“Voters clearly understand that adding government workers has a cost to taxpayers,” added Hayes.

What a difference a year makes. One rule for you, another for me.