Don't bother asking Tillis anything. He'll just lie.

There's a movement growing to get elected officials on the record with regard to counting all the votes. The story goes something like this:

Trump is threatening to steal the election by declaring victory on Tuesday night, regardless of whether votes are counted. The law requires that all votes be counted, with winners declared only after that happens. It could take a few days. In order to ensure an orderly process, media outlets and fair-voting advocates are suggesting that every Senator and Congressman affirm the position that no declarations should be made until the final tally.

It may be worth asking some electeds what they have to say in the matter, but it's not worth asking Thom Tillis. He's the Senator who said no Supreme Court justice should be considered during the presidential election cycle ... and then decided last month to confirm Handmaiden Barrett.

Thom Tillis is a lying piece of wife-abusing trash. He'll say anything to help Trump steal the election.