Drug czar visit to Taylor, McHenry under investigation

Hat tip to Blue South for this in the Charlotte Observer

A visit from the White House drug czar to western North Carolina last year has raised questions in a congressional investigation into the politicization of the national drug policy office.

Drug czar John Walters met with GOP Reps. Patrick McHenry and Charles Taylor in their home districts in August, reports Barb Barrett.

The meetings, each with local sheriffs, were held behind closed doors but highlighted in local newspapers at the time. According to a memo and e-mails obtained by a House oversight committee, the visits appeared to be part of a larger program to have officials from the Office of National Drug Control Policy visit districts of vulnerable GOP members of Congress.

what I wrote at the time about the "pseudo press conference."

And here's what Democratic Carsner had to say back then:

“If he wants to promote himself as dedicated to ending production of methamphetamines, why did he vote to cut in half federal funding for local law enforcement?” Carsner asked. “His approach is short-sighted and irresponsible.”

Wooo hooo. I love a Democratic Congress. Wish they would do more but this is excellent.


Another reason

That we need a strong, grassroots challenge in "unwinnable" districts, is that people like McHenry attract scandals like its going out of style. We cant take advantage of it if we dont have a strong challenge.

Dump Pat in 08.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"


"You included no Democrats or Independents in your memo of suggested travel for director Walters," Waxman said in his letter to Taylor.

The White House and drug policy officials, however, shrugged that off as a consequence of political reality.

Like are these more Hatch Act violations or what? Are these guys on drugs themselves? Are the cops for their protection?

Or are they just crazy?